Jeremy Nguyen is Bassani!

Jeremy was born June 17th, 1994 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He decided on the name Bassani because he loves the low end or the bass of the music spectrum and he wanted to choose something that rolled off the end for the end of it… which was “ani”. Thus forming the name Bassani.

Let’s bass jump into how Bassani got to the release of The Omen EP today. After starting his career in drumming he was at a house party one and was drawn to one of his friends DJing. At that moment of interest, Bassani was born into the EDM scene. Trying to DJ at that party hooked him, so much so that he began taking classes. He enrolled in Vox Box and he completed courses Beginner through Expert. After which, he continued to learn by watching Youtube videos. Bassani actually started in Dubstep and moved to release an EP in future bass. From there, he fell in love with house and moved into tech house and deep house. But look out for what is next, because he says anything is possible- something so far as releasing his own subgenre!

Bassani is one of the most inspirational people I have talked to. He has a plan and is sticking to it till he gets to the top. He stressed to me, to stress to newcomers that having a plan from the beginning is crucial. Your plan needs to be the roadmap to getting to your goals. As long as you are patient along your journey, your time will come. He also mentioned that you need to stay humble in everything that you do and to focus on your own marathon race to the top; do not get caught up in worrying about everyone else.

He also talks about overcoming the fear of others and refers to Rezz as the perfect example of being able to do that. Bassani combats that fear by formulating his plan even further and solidifying his brand with photographers and other means of creating his image.

The only setback that he talked about in his career was at moments finding himself not focusing on this own tracks and worrying about others’. The only thing that leads to is diversions on his focused marathon race to the finish line. His finish line is making it to the stages of big fests and inspiring people in the scene- living by his words, “Anything is possible”.

Let’s make another bass jump, even further than his professional life, and find out who Jeremy is behind his name Bassani.

Jeremy likes to work out, meditate, play the piano or the guitar, read, play video games, go hiking and take photography.

He knew his Top 3 songs right off the top of his head get it…

Bellecour- Paulette

Green Velvet- Alright

Tchami- Untrue

Bassani is committed to never pay the same set at shows and base the music he plays off of the crowd’s vibe. Even when playing now, he studies the venue itself, to see what the feel of it is compared with his set. Doing all of this preparation and research he hopes to land a set at EDC one day.

To wrap up the fun facts he had to go check on the last and hardest question that I ask… Toilet paper over or under… without checking he thought it was over, and after checking it was indeed over.

Bassani has his whole marathon planned out, so watch out he will be bass jumping to his finish line soon. We are excited to be supporting him along the way! Congratulations on the New EP Jeremy.

Until next time.


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