Innovative Canadian house artist and WTV fam member, Bassani, releases Omen EP this afternoon. The house talent brings a darker sound of house to our ears, with the two track EP. The music keeps the styling and structure of house music but wears a scarier mask. This EP shows that you can’t spell Bassani without bass, and his music reflects that. So let’s get down with the bass, as we get into Bassani’s Omen EP.

An album based in the bass begins with collaborative track ‘Ecstacy’. The song features Flero and showcases amazingly well-done build ups that are followed by heavy drops. The song has that house undertone, but feature the harder sounds found in other genres. Bassani and Flero create a song that has a club feel, but a heavy sound. The collaboration is a step in the right direction for Bassani- seeing he is looking to branch off in the house genre (more about that in the Artist Bio though). The collaboration leaves you exclaiming with the vocals: “Damn Son!”

Moving into a Bassani exclusive tack, we have ‘Anger’. Bassani shared that the track was written from the emotion it is named after, and boy you can feel it. The song begins with that great house beat and moves into an eerie flute-like melody. The interlude into the build is really light and innocent. The build then introduces this lower end looming, and then the drop has us seeing red. Each drop in the adopts a new feel, which is by no accident. Bassani was able to create a true story with this song, by clearly having each build sound so different than the last. It gives the feature of linear motion to the song- like we are moving from point A to B. This sort of feeling, mixed with the very dark dirty house feel, is what makes Bassani so unique. He has done an amazing job of putting an edit to the looping feeling of house songs, with ‘Anger’.

Bassani brings us a short but all-so-sweet EP to close out January. This being his first release for the year is very exciting and leaves u wanting more. We cannot wait to see what innovation Bassani continues to bring to the house/future bass scene. As always we are glad to be along for the ride with him, as he supplies the vibe. Omen EP is a hit, and we will keep enjoying it until whatever comes next from this Canadian vibe family member.

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