So this week, we are concerned. We may or may not have some time travelers on our hands. TV Noise releases Bring It Back EP, Feb. 1, 2019, and the three song EP raises a couple of red flags that they could be messing with time. Here is the evidence: First the EP cover art is an amazingly well-done portrayal of two very beloved time-travelers’ wheels. The silhouettes, however, do not feature crazy hair on either individual- suggesting it is two others. The second red flag is the title name. “Bring it back” raises the question- back from where? Lastly, and the most incriminating, is the song list does not feature a dull moment. All three songs do not miss their mark- almost as if they KNEW people would love it… almost as if it came back from the future?

In all seriousness though, Bring Back EP seems to be the future of very well made music. TV Noise has always been ahead of the curve in the scene, from their age to what they make. Their newest EP just makes it more evident how ahead they are. The duo was able to craft an amazingly well-done EP, that reintroduced a collection of TV Noise music to the world. Everything about the duo feels extremely clean and new- from their album art to musical sound. So let’s bring it back to the top of the track list and get to the break-down.

The electro house EP begins with the title track, ‘Bring It Back’. The song has a pretty full-circle feel, as to say it starts where it seems to finish and vice versa. A very unique quality that we noticed over a couple listens. Once you get into the meat of the song, it is this very well organized piece of music. The song has a variation of energy levels that flow into one another very well. The use of different voices saying some variation of “bring it back” is used to foreshadow that energy and sounds coming. There is this feeling of sound being triggered by each voice- the song flows like a path of dominos. Everything is able to happen because what happened beforehand.

‘Ratata’ comes in with a very hot island feel. The song starts with this voice exclaiming “ratatata!”. The vocal is the invitation to the ritual we are about to be a part of. The song features three male voice vocals that seem to be orchestrating the preparation for the rest of the song. The voices chant and the music builds, with great percussion and brass sounds. A drum roll builds as we move into the erupting of the drop. The song really has us feeling the heat of hot magma, and the force of the shaking ground as two plates collide. ‘Ratata’ has the amazing ability to bring us to this place and let us experience the heat.

The very expansive energy of the last two songs is taken and contained with ‘Rhythm’. The song does not sacrifice the very exciting style of TV Noise but rather demonstrates the versatility of their sound. The song creates this very thumping-underground-club sound. Compared to their other songs on the EP, you almost seem to be hearing the song through walls. But then the vocals and sound clips cut through you and the sound of the music. The song is very close to feeling like tech house, but again the TV Noise brand transforms that. The is so groovy and absolutely bumps. It is the song that has dancing until 6 am, and we cannot wait to do so.

Wherever TV Noise mustered Bring It Back EP from, whether it be the future or their minds, we are glad they did. The EP is a phenomenal listening experience all around. As we said during the reviews, the energy transformation, and highlighting is so commendable by the duo. If this is the beginning of 2019 for them, I cannot wait to see what they bring us next. If it is from the future though, I’d hope they bring us some Marty McFly hoverboards.

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