Do you hear that in the background?

Its not just the noise of the TV… it’s TV Noise.

This highly talented Dutch duo was noticed very early on in their careers by Spinnin’ Records; they were actually signed at the age of 17. Being so young, they knew very little about DJing but luckily were able to learn quickly.

2011 was when they were really able to get the ball rolling with all of the remixes. They put out remixes of various artists, such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Diplo, Calvin Harris, and more big names in the EDM community.

In 2012 they released their first single “Tom” and that was on Spinnin’ Records. That same year, TV Noise was also able to start touring.

Then in 2013 they paired up with Martin Garrix and produced “Just Some Loops”. This song helped them gain even more traction within the scene, even gaining recognition from Avicii.

When listing to their newest EP they are able to take songs/sounds from all different genres and form them into one amazing sound. This is what makes them unique in the community. I really like what they are doing trying to make different sounds and just creating stuff that people have never heard of before. They are killing it while doing all of that.

With how different their sound is, they were able to land a spot on the Top 25 Under 25, a list formulated by Spotify, in 2017.

Before Bring It Back EP they were able to release a huge collaborative EP in 2017 with the big names being featured. Some of those names include Hardwell, Diplo, Tiesto, and more.

It seems their career start  in remixes leade them to be able to work with the big names of Cell Phone EP.

But Bring It Back EP has them bringing a TV noise back into the scene- marking their first EP in 2 years.

From listening to their song Fire every day during my workout to this new EP, TV noise is in the right position to make a dent in the community.

I could get used to this TV Noise.

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