The second ever Terminal 8 show took over a secret location this weekend, and Tanner was lucky enough to be in attendance. Special thank you to Austin Knight and Terminal 8 for having us out to their show. So let’s get down to where the house party was and how it rocked the warehouse, as Tanner breaks it all down.


This secret venue was another very interesting venue for me. From walking into an office like setting with a warehouse in the rear of the front office to the shower in the bathroom, you felt like you were at a house party- a very nostalgic feeling. The art on the walls made the place feel even more creative and such a great secret venue. Enhancing all of that further, Terminal 8 brought out some strong decorations of their own. What stuck out to me as so well-done, was the old tube TVs that were live streaming the event. Not only was that a great visual aspect and interesting twist, but it also showcased the DJs’ and Terminal 8’s brand, by having their name/logo overlaying the video. and then had their names as an overlay of the live video. Continuing with the unique TV idea, the corner of the venue had another live TV that showed concert goers in a photobooth type manner. The venue also housed other show essentials, like an open bar, homemade stage, chairs for chilling, and great house vibes.


Austin Knight- Disco house vibe that made me want to dance around on the dance floor. He had a circle of people shuffling and everyone was feeling the groove that he was bringing. I got to introduce myself to this very busy house DJ, in person. It is amazing to see all he is able to juggle; from DJing to running the event so well, he is killing it anywhere you turn. Calm and cool is always a good attribute to have to be a house DJ, and Austin exudes that from more than just his killer set.

Nicholas Latiff- He was killing it with each transition; moving so smoothly through his set. He looked unphased while he was transitioning from song to song and that’s exactly how a DJ should look on stage, relaxed and confident. No person in the crowd was worried about where he was taking us throughout the night. I also got to talk to him after his set and he let me know new music is on the way, so make sure you are on the lookout for this WTV fam member. After seeing his lights-out set, I really hope you take that advice!

Jason Code- It was time to speed it up a little bit for Jason’s set. Once he was able to settle in he got the crowd moving and the bassline pumping. It is always great to be able to move the pace of house music, and because of Jason, I was able to. It was the set I had to close my night on, but it was so solid that I left hopping and happy.

Boss Lowder- I did have to peel, before Boss’ set. However, I look forward to not having to do that next time. He is a must see at my next Terminal 8 show.

Done Well and Needs Work

The venue was one of the coolest I have been to with the secret location being an added bonus. It was awesome to see the about 200 people, that Austin mentioned were in attendance, made it out to the “exclusive” event. He said that they may need to find another secret location for the next time that is bigger. The Layout of the venue was really cool from the projector projecting their logo on the wall to the lasers, smoke and live TV visuals it really put me in the mood for house music. Shows like this really show off EDM in the form it began.

The only two things that need improvement are the locations size which Austin seems to be already addressing and the restrooms. There was only one restroom for men and woman to use and the line was very long. Two simple things that could be fixed when picking the next secret location.

Overall the Terminal 8 show was a great concert with strong house vibes throughout. Strong but minimal visuals and even the art that comes along with the venue brought together with the music and people really made this a strong event. Thanks again to Austin Knight for having us out and we can’t wait to experience the next Terminal 8 show.

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