It was an exciting moment in WTV history last Saturday. As you may or may not know, Tanner AND Austin were both in Nashville for a concert… for the first time ever! It was an exciting weekend for the two of us, and it will continue happening. So thank you to Full Circle Presents for hosting the event, and inviting WTV to cover as media. It was the perfect opportunity and an all-around great night. So let us get down to who we saw, where in Nashville we were, and lastly every important detail of the night!


We both got to see a venue formerly reviewed by Tanner- Limelight. Of course, we already had some knowledge of the setup, but for this event, a couple of changes were made. Security was pretty extensive to get into the event, which always adds a good feeling entering the venue. After waiting for a little in the cold, we were able to enter the event. The doors spit you out into a makeshift hallway, made by the back of the club and a temporary wall. On that back, wall was the merch table and the entrance to the bathrooms. Past the edge of the temporary wall, the venue opened up into a horseshoe-shaped dance floor. The middle of the horseshoe and club is the huge bar. The large bar was able to keep up with the demand of drinks and also gave you the option to go to the less crowded side of the bar to get a drink away from the main dance floor. The dance floor circled the entire bar but was used the most from the stage to the door. The stage was in the back corner of the venue, opposite of the door. The last item to highlight was all of the seating that lined the dancefloor. There were couches everywhere there could be, which gave people a place to just chill and hangout. Everything was set up extremely well and gave a spot for a fan in any mood.


Lucii- She may be small, but she brings a big set. Lucii was able to capture the crowd, which was remarkably big for the first set of the night. She had a great mix of music and was so very into what she was playing. Her stage presence was phenomenal and she gave the crowd so much energy. Lucii also got to show off some new music and sang during her set. Her logo is wicked and the visuals she had underlaid were so fitting to her whole vibe. Her set was so sick… literally, because she managed to do so well while feeling super under the weather. Huge props to her for coming out even when she wasn’t feeling 100% and then double props for giving such an amazing experience regardless.

G-Rex- Artist G-Rex came to the stage and took the crowd to headbang city. With heavy bass and a heavy sprinkling of dubstep, he was able to continue the energy of the first set. He was able to mix a lot of very recognizable trap music with some great dubstep. He had a visible intensity and focus while on stage, which meant he was super energetic about each drop/transition he was crafting. He even broke out ‘Sell Out’, which marked the first time we had heard the song as part of a set. The heavier bass matched with some haunting visuals. The screen behind him was riddled with red and black, skulls, and of course carnivorous dinosaurs. His set and vibe went hand-in-hand.

Champagne Drip- Champagne has a connotation of celebration and big moments, and Champagne Drip’s set was nothing short of that. Adorned with a phenomenal logo, crazy visuals, (that ranged from Super Smash Bros. gameplay to space journeying corks) and the constant energy he demonstrated brought another amazing set to the mix. The set Champagne brought featured so many well-known songs, some of his new music, and a whole lot of crowd interaction. It is always great to see an artist get to the highest and front most part of the stage to lose it on his favorite drops. He was always getting the crowd amped past what the music was already doing for us. His color scheme and visuals really stood out and made the set stick out. Oh, and he managed to sneak ‘Lost My Mind’- so huge props for giving us a sneak preview as to what it will be like hearing that live this coming week!

LSDREAM- Now at this point, the night became a wild story of lighting cues, lasers, interactive visuals, and minds melting. LSDREAM came and brought to the stage one of the coolest sets ever. His stage presence and show set-up were wild. The silhouette of a man in a bucket hat will forever be linked to the amazing things he brought to the stage. From posing with certain lighting cues to appearing to harness the power of lasers, LSDREAM became a man of the light. And of course, it all went with the amazing set of music he was playing. He took everyone’s mind and bodies on a journey. Beyond just performing, he had an exceptional stage presence as well. He knew where he was and where the crowd was and interacted at the perfect times. His set will be headlining stages one day, due to the innovative and creative nature. Plus, he just seemed like a really dope guy.

Liquid Stranger- A man who brings four openers to a show he is headlining is already a standout individual in our book. He then furthered our expectations by continually surprising us throughout the night. He was very transparent with the crowd, asking what everyone wanted to hear, telling everyone what he was opening up with, and then continually hopping on the mic throughout. Liquid also gave the laser-iest lasering laser show that laser shows have seen. Had they been actually harmful laser beams, there would be no building left standing and no person left standing in it. Beams of light bounced off every wall and danced all over the venue. It provided some amazing pictures and enhanced the amazing bass music he brought. On top of all that, he brought every opener back out on stage to play b2b2b2b during his set. The stage became a party for those songs and really showed how in love with EDM he is. Those artists have such a bond and really convey that community- a great site to see on stage. Just in case you don’t think it could have gone even better than all that, we are here to tell you it did. Liquid Stranger went to play past the closing hours of the club, for all the fans that were still left. Amazing music, amazing person, and we would say he’s a liquid friend to the scene.

Done Well & Needs Improvment

The Limelight is a stellar venue. From the space itself to the staff, this venue was on top of everything. FCP actually did really well here as well, by providing speakers that were an addition to what Liquid Stranger’s tour brought. The sound the whole night was ridiculous, which always enhances any concert. Another group that we do not always point out, but felt needed recognition, is the lighting/visual crew. They had their work cut out, and without them, much of the show would not have been nearly as great. The guys in the booth were into the music, having a good time, and also matching everything to visible perfection.

The only downfalls were communication-based. First and foremost, we felt that the hired security could have communicated better with each other and the venue. We were media access for the event, but certain security was not hip to the idea. We just let it go and caught our pictures from the lighting booth, which worked out in our favor. Not too big of a deal, but it could be polished up for sure. The second communication aspect that could be approved upon was Liquid Stranger’s mic. It may have been his accent or the mic, but it was very hard to understand him at times. That is not always in sounds control, we understand, but it would have been a little better had we understood more than 40% of the words that he said. Neither of these took away from the actual show for us, we just noted them and moved on.

And that brings our first fully staffed media covered event in Nashville. It was so great to have a night in the city Tanner has spent so much time in, and a city that we have worked so hard to become a part of. Thank you to all the people who came out for the show, especially some familiar face that got to meet Austin in person. Specials thanks to Full Circle Presents for an amazing evening, as well as media coverage for the event. Lastly a huge thanks to everyone on the Liquid Stranger tour- you all gave Nashville a night to remember and truly seem like amazingly down-to-Earth individuals. We will be back in full force soon Nashville.

Until next time.


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