Steven Rivera, also known as Infernal Rhein, is one of our original Where’s The Vibe Fam members and is releasing a very special EP today Ukemi EP.

He was born August 12th, 1995 in NYC and currently resides in Rockland county 30 minutes north of Manhatten. At a young age, he started playing guitar, writing lyrics, and producing music. From the start, he was known as quite the hell-raiser. That hellish flow birthed the name Infernal Rhein. The “h” is silent hiding that hell bound origin in plain sight. The name develops further meaning by referring to the Rhine- the longest river in Europe. The river is acknowledged for having a “raging flow”. All of these definitions muster together to create the phenomenal raging-hellish-flow that define Infernal Rhein.

How did this hell inspire artist with the sick flow get his start in EDM? He has been imersed in the music scene his whole life and started to grow his passion for EDM by listening to that type of music. Then he started going to any-and-all of the shows he possibly could. He wanted more out of those shows than the average fan. Each show he went to he looked to take aspect to adopt into his own creations.

His journey to where he is today was not always easy but there were some milestones and advice he would leave for others. Steven is very determined, positive, and filled with inspiration to make it in the EDM scene. He, like many artists, has had different levels of career struggles.

Personally, he has struggled with some internal demons- no pun intended. He mentioned a lot of us are dealing with issues that we don’t always want to admit. He is no stranger to such struggles and overcoming them has grown him into the artist and individual he is today. As an artist, he has developed a passion to help his fans through spreading happiness with his music.

Within the industry, Steven has had hurdles to jump as well. He notes that the decision to chase his dream is not one that comes free. Being an artist costs a lot literally, and also figuratively. Because as his funds slimmed, so did his friends at times. The decision to do both is to assure his success. He sacrifices money and friends to ensure he has not only the tools he needs but also the healthy support behind his vision. Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you, in a lot of ways, but Rhein has been able to stay in the box through it all.

Before he DJs, he likes to listen to his favorite songs especially his current top play, ‘Energy Drain’ by Infekt. Other than listening to some of his favorite DJs and songs he also likes to clear his mind by working out or practicing martial arts. He knows how to prepare his mind space to kill the stage.

Steven isn’t just an up-and-coming dubstep DJ, but more than that. He loves to drink Blue Moon on the weekends and completely nerding-out the rest of the time. He loves playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons and any tabletop war game he can get his hand on. Other than the nerd stuff he loves to work out, so much so he hits the gym a whopping 6 times a week. On top of all that, he finds the time to train in various martial arts- a discipline that bled over into his newly released EP.

You all know the hardest question that we ask during this interview… Toilet Paper over or under?

Steven said “Over bruh!” and I, of course, have to agree.

Let’s wrap up with where we started with the Ukemi EP. He takes a very big inspiration for this album in the samurai discipline. With the project, he looked to shed light on the samurai way and bringing sick bass to everyone. This project for Rhein holds a special place in his heart because, as mentioned before, he is emersed in the Eastern style of training. His sensei also serves as another big influence for this EP. His sensei’s training and teachings have helped Rhein overcome his obstacles to get to where he is today. Most importantly, he made Ukemi EP for all of you. He hopes his music inspired the happiness and inspiration he felt making it.

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