From the start of 2019, Riot Ten has rung out as one of our must-see artists. The guy not only has seemed like a stand out dude on his socials but also seemed to throw down for crowds. So it was without a question that we bought tickets to see the legend at Skully’s this weekend. He headlined a great four-act line-up, in one of the venues we are so familiar with. So let’s break down our necks breaking, in this Riot Ten review.


You all know how it is with Skully’s if you have been to our page before. This place is the perfect hot and sweaty venue for dubstep shows like Riot Ten/Funtcase. The venue is set up like a pair of glasses- you enter and you are in the large front sitting area, with access to the bar and bathrooms (the first glasses lens). Then you walk through a narrow section of the venue- which connects the front bar to the back bar as well (the bridge of the glasses). The hall puts you right on the dancefloor and the stage on the back wall (the second lens of the glasses). And for winter shows, that is pretty much all you use. Of course, the patio is open for smokers and anyone who needs to cool off or loves using port-a-potties. Skully’s always does it right, with the simple flow of a venue that makes the music the focus.


Funtcase: His mask and reputation really make Funtcase the intimidating character. Going into the show we were sure that his set was going to rip us to shreds- with no regard for the soul inside of it. We were prepared for that, however, we were pleasantly surprised to see a variation of music we did not expect. Of course, he did play absolute murderous beats, but he really had a nice mix that was not a constant headbang-beckoning. This surprise and true talent made his set extremely memorable. We were very satisfied with what he brought to the table and left with Funtcase sticking out as an amazing DJ all around- he brought more than constant heaviness.

Vice Versa: The two played earlier in the night, but we were not there for that opener. We were lucky enough to have them come back out for an intermission set though! The duo kept the crowd entertained as the switch from Funtcase to Riot was in progress. They didn’t look to steal the show or act as they belonged in the slot after Funtcase- they just went up and had a good time. They crafted a nice little set that kept the energy up in the crowd and prepared us for Riot Ten. Amazing job by the duo in every capacity there.

Riot Ten: The man of the night was such a delight! This person is a package of all things good in a DJ- he has an amazing ability to read a crowd, exhibits so much empathy and concern for the crowd, understands music as a whole, and lastly has pretty damn good style. Riot did so many memorable things in one night. From opening with a filthy rework of God’s Plan to tossing waters out to the crowd, Riot Ten gave his everything to the crowd. His set contained the exact energy he pictures on his socials, so if you get to see him… PLEASE. GO! Not to mention that he played until the last minute that he could, which is so great to see an artist stick around and give the people what they want- until they kick him off stage. The guy just seems like such a humble bro bringing the bass to the homies. We want to get him on the WTV pro-gaming DJ league… if we go to make that.

Done Well and Needs Work

The line-up, venue, and adaptability of the staff were all on point. Having Vice Versa play an intermission set was a phenomenal use of time and did not make it an issue that Riot Ten did not immediately follow Funtcase. We love Skully’s and we love the music, so that rings out as an amazingly well-done. Another tip of the hat to Funtcase for the amazing and surprising set, as well as Riot Ten for the kindness and energy.

One thing that Skully’s could possibly do better: offer a refill option on water. We understand it makes money, but maybe offering special water bottles that have trackable refills or offering water for a little less would be a little more beneficial to the concert-goers. The venue is small and does get way hot, so we run out of the water quickly and getting to the bathroom or back to the bar is tough, at times. So cheaper water would be more motivation to stay hydrated. They have to make money though, so we get that. As always just a thought.

Riot Ten brings that heat to close out a great weekend for WTV. He and Funtcase, with help of Vice Versa, really gave us an amazing Saturday night. When it comes down to it, we got everything we wanted so there was no need to riot… the night was a ten out of ten. Thanks for the bass vibes and sore necks into the week!

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