Cody is Khaos.

Born in Amarillo, Texas on March 24th, 1991 so happy early birthday bro. He now lives in Nashville with his son and girlfriend. He got his start in 2012 when he first discovered dubstep. One of the names he mentioned that was a big influence, from the beginning, was Nero. Two years after lighting his passion, he formed his own DJ name Khaos. The idea for his stage name formed at a hardcore metal show… where he was, of course, causing Khaos. The design for his brand was then rendered by Jared, from Party Thieves.

As he was getting his start in the industry, he was working with Disco Donnie and was able to play his first show through them. That first show, he actually was opening for Doctor P. Through the process he was able to open for some big names and play, in some big cities. Just dropping a couple games he has been able to open for: Adventure Club, Jauz, Slander, Cash Cash, and more. He has also been able to play in Miami, at Life in Color, and at Night Nation Run. Some other career achievements include placing third in a mix competition for Suncity Music Festival, releasing his mix series “Summer’s Not Over Yet”, and opening for Party Favor on their 2016 world tour!

With all that amazing previous experience, he is still able to stay humble in the scene. He has built his brand identity up over the past 5 years and is now ready to start his producing career. I agreed with him in this method you have to stay humble and be able to run the marathon in order to find success in your career. One step at a time and not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing- focus on yourself.

Some of his favorite songs and DJs shape who he is as a DJ today. Sicko mode (Crankdat re-crank) slaps as one of his favorite songs. His favorite artist is none other than RL Grime. Other than Grimes signature sound, Khaos looks up to him because of his humble roots. People like Grime inspire Khaos to continue being humble through any achievement in his EDM career.

Before he steps into the DJ booth, he listens to all different types of music, including Wiz Khalifa- to clear his mind. When he is DJing, Khaos likes to enjoy the moment and sip on some Blue moon. He also notices the crowd and always enjoys seeing bros on other bros shoulders. He is hoping that his preparation routine and the blue moon drinking will one day land him a set at EDC Las Vegas.

Now let’s get to know Cody the name behind Khaos just a little more. Other than music the thing he loves to do the most is spending time with his 2-year-old son Phoenix. When he’s not with his son he enjoys playing sports, hiking, and spending time with his friends.

You all already know what the final question is if you read our other artist interviews. Toilet Paper over or under?

Over was his answer, with a shout out to Kaitlin… she’ll know what that means.

Watch out for Khaos this year, as he plans for a big 2019. He looks to release a 3-4 song EP, collaborate with some local talent, land some major shows, and potentially even a small tour.  One other thing he plans to continually do this year is release mixes. That being said he will be releasing a mix exclusively through our website next week 2/28 so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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