The whole Where’s The Vibe duo was back at HQ, in Columbus, this weekend! So of course, we hit a show on Friday night. Before we get into all that, a little bit of exciting news… Tanner is officially coming back to Columbus! So the Columbus, OH blog and company will soon be fully united 24/7, back where we started it all. But back to the regularly scheduled breakdown; we took it to Park Street and scurried into Dahlia this past Friday. The draw? None other than the house stylings of the great Dom Dalla… Dom Dolla at Dahlia… Dom Dhalia… Let’s go!


As stated above, Dahlia Nightclub was our Friday night venue. The club is spitting distance from the intersection of Park and Vine, which puts it right off the bar strip. Dahlia is a very small venue that breeds a very “exclusive” sort of feeling. Much of this comes from how much of the bar/club is taken up by the VIP section.

The roped-off-security-guarded area is full of bottle girls, couches, and people with the money to pay for the whole night. It provides a great experience and a lot of fun for the people in the section, however, it leaves a very small dancing/walking area between it the bar and the stage. The spacing issue definitely contributes to the small feel of the venue, but a nice outdoor area really looks to relieve that- just not in the colder weather we had on Friday. Even with the cold weather, the outdoor area was heated and provided a nice breathe of fresh air, when we needed it.

In the small space that we had, Dahlia drew a large crowd in. It was great to see a packed club for Dom Dolla, but at times it wasn’t great to feel that amount of people. With such a small area for so many people, grooving and dancing to the house music that filled the air was not always the easiest. There were a lot of people constantly moving past and bumping through the tightly packed crowd. A crowd that did not all seem to be there for the music.

Being on the Park Street bar strip, Dahlia draws a crowd of individuals and groups looking to just go out and drink. It is great that Dahlia has this because it allows a lot of people to get exposed to really amazing music, yet those people don’t always get those of us who go there for that same music. So there was a bit of a struggle for the vibe of the venue: bar or concert venue. Distinguishing becomes even harder when you see the artists they bring in, the stage set-up, and the lights. Dahlia has some amazing lights that enhance the show all throughout the club. From the LED disco ball to the lasers and ceiling fixtures, they really allow the artist to enhance a great show. When it comes down to it, the venue housed some great music, good lights, and a lot of people; they are doing everything a good venue should.


Corrupt: One of the most well-known Columbus DJs, Corrupt is a resident DJ at Dahlia. We have had many opportunities to see him and, with his schedule, are bound to have many more. As the first DJ we saw that night, he did a very nice job of setting the stage. He played a strong set with a good amount of energy. He got the legs loose and the head bobbing started, which moved us so greatly into the night.

Ghost Gardens: A DJ duo that amped up the energy. These two really just continued to play great house music and were able to drop A LOT of it. The kept things moving and grooving and really put on a great show. Every song felt so smooth, even when it brought something different. We are working on our shuffling skills for sets like these to come. The two seemingly chill dudes just gave us a really great-energetic set.

BK: This artist seemed to take the crowd down a bit of a different path than the two artists that preceded him. His set felt a little slower, with an energy that took us back down a notch. He played music that fit into an amazing set, but that style seemed to fork from the path the night seemed to be going. He did play the Super Mario Bros. house track and that went down as the first time we heard the track. BK is a good artist with a good set, however, his set just didn’t feel like the next step of the night.

Dom Dolla: This was exactly where we saw the night ending. The groove and energy levels came to a high during Dolla’s set and we loved it. His house set was so strong and featured a very cohesive and thought-out track list. There was not a dull moment- which is always the greatest way to end a good night.

Done Wells and Needs Work

With a Dahlia being small, they did do an amazing job of maintaining great service levels. The team at the door and the bartenders were quick to action, with everything. Funneling so many people in went by quick, when entering, and serving them matched, at the bar. The night club also killed it with the lights. That is possibly the most impressive feature of the night, and such a great one to have stuck in our heads.

The size issue rings out largely as a “Needs Work” for us. A possible respacing of the club to make VIP smaller or relocated would be huge in relieving the cramped feeling. We know this is not an easy task, so maybe we just need to start making more money to get into that big VIP section for shows there. Hopefully one happens soon, for the sake of our dancing feet. Other than space there are only two small workable features for the club. The ladies of our group mentioned the bathrooms were not crowded, but they were not clean either. So possibly moving to change that a bit. How though, we would not know since we stick to the gents room. The other was just the exit procedure. It was not a big deal, but we trecked through the people to go back to the entrance, to leave. When we got there, we were instructed to journey back to the back of the club, to exit through the outdoor area. Even when we were there we weren’t sure how to get out, until a member of security asked us what we were looking for. After we told him, he responded by moving a metal gate that he was sitting on open. Other than that functionality stuff, there is not much more we saw to enhance the night.

Dom Dolla goes down as another great night in our minds and on this page. A packed venue bumping with house music is never a disappointing Friday night. So thank you to everyone who was there drinking, vibing or both. Another thank you goes out the the artist line-up and venue for giving us a place to venture to. But that brings Dom Dahlia to a close.

Until next time.


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