Back-to-back concerts this weekend, and they were in two different cities. We took it back to the city where we first got Dillon Francis our first custom shirt to close out the tour that has excited us every day, since its announcement. As we sat to write this post, it really sank in just how sad this tour being over feels. So we are excited to get into marking this one in our books, so we always have it to look back on. Without further ado, let’s conclude ‘Finding The Mind A Two-Part Journey’.


Stage AE officially gets added onto our massive indoor venue list. This place was gigantic! The venue felt so open and also so very well-placed. There was never a sense that we were cramped or overwhelmed. Not only that but every aspect of the venue was dedicated to bringing people the best show experience. Everything was clean and made sense and that is so wonderful with a large venue- they know how to use their space.  

When we entered the venue, we were spat out right into the back of the space. You could practically see everywhere you would need to go in the first couple steps in. To our right, there was one of the many serving bars. It was the center of the back portion of the venue and provided great service. Further to the right, past the bar was a large counter that served food, the massive merch stand, and the stairs to the mezzanine. Again, we knew where everything was just by looking. Switching direction and looking to our left brings a whole new side of useful areas. The left side had a cash-only mini-bar, the bathrooms, and the entrance to the outdoor area (which had another bar). With right and left covered, there is only one last place to look- forward. The stage area and dancefloor was such an amazing sight. The stage was huge open and featured some of the best sound and lighting equipment out there. There was one large pit and then a huge main dancefloor. The venue also had multiple projectors on the stage wall that were live streams of the show. That same live stream was on every TV screen at the bar, outside, and even upstairs. That commitment to assuring people have the opportunity to see the show is such an amazing feature of AE. This venue felt so warm and welcoming while being gigantic. It gave the people the constant opportunity to go and do what they wanted; all while allowing them to see the sow at the same time. The venue is also located in a great place downtown and had a great staff. Stage AE is a venue that we will be returning to, even with a 2+ hour drive.


Diablo: WIth some responsibilities in Ohio, we got a delayed start to leaving for Pittsburgh. The later start to the drive obviously lead to a later arrival time to the show. So Diablo, apologies for not hitting your set a second time. However, there is no doubt that he threw down. We entered a venue that was full of energy and ready for the night. We also saw him running through the crowd at one point. We didn’t stop him because he looked in a hurry and he had a smoothie raised over his head. Congrats on an amazing tour run with two legends.

Alison Wonderland: We were right! They switched up the Alison/Dillon order from Columbus! Alison came to the stage as we were entering the line to get into the venue, so we missed the crazy firey intro but not much more. She had so much energy and love, and the crowd was matching every piece of it. Her vocals were entrancing as the bounced off of every wall. Her cello rang so beautifully and sparked such an amazing feeling. And her set list… oh her set list. She just absolutely kills it. From her originals to her remixes, she brought her full self to Pittsburgh. She had a crazy passion that was visible and audible. The last performance of this tour was so unbelievably strong for her. It was incredible to even see her play Mac Miller to his hometown crowd. Alison really seemed to be over-connected to the crowd and we all were hypnotized by the beauty and power she brought to the stage: raw emotion tamed by honed talents.

Dillon Francis: The man had to poop his whole set, but we were the ones shitting our pants. Dillon Francis brought his electric energy and amazing mixing ability to follow up Alison. His popping graphics set construction and dynamic set of music were fuel for the crowd. Not an ounce of that fuel was wasted either. We were dancing and getting more and more excited each drop. Every single song brought the energy higher and higher. Even when he slowed things down or got emotional, we never came back down to the ground. The crowd was floating on clouds until the next drop, which always set us soaring higher and higher. Even he seemed genuinely impressed by the crowd’s ability to match and raise his sets energy. He never stopped testing us, though. He played such a large array of musical genre and united it all with the IDGAFOS touch. At the close of his set, he, of course, brought Alison back up to go B2B and finish with ‘Lost My Mind’. The relationship between the two, as artists on stage, was so visible and strong. They really loved what they did on this tour, and were so honored to close it out together. The whole show, but especially the B2B ending, felt like a giant party. There was not a care or worry in our worlds, and it goes down as one of the greatest moments of our lives.

Done Wells and Needs Work

It really goes without saying that the lineup and energy were so amazing on this tour. This show especially it felt like Alison and Dillon were fully put into their sets. They were awe-inspiring and just the greatest versions of themselves. We just really want to be their friends… hopefully soon. Past the lineup, the venue was a whole hand of Done Wells. The bar access was stifling, the set-up of venue was genius, their ability to move through a massive line was so smooth, and our girlfriends raved about the size of the ladies room. Two of our personal favorites were the on-site parking and the early end to the show. On-site parking made the ability to get in and out of the show/Pittsburgh so easy, while also making sure there was not a long walk to the car. It is always so great to not have to worry about the car at all during the show. When it came to the early show ending, this may sound sad but we will tell you why it was a plus. With the show ending early, it allowed all of the concert-goers to take the amazing energy they had built-up and go out for another two hours with their friends. It gives people the opportunity to ride on cloud-nine for the rest of their night. For us, we were riding on cloud-nine riding in the car. But again it was early enough that we made it home safe and were just in such good spirits the entire ride.

We only saw three very minor things that could use work, and one of those isn’t even negative. The first two are functionality related: the men’s bathroom and the entrance. Although the women’s restroom was huge, the men’s bathroom seemed to be a little small for the crowd. It is usually the women’s that gather a line, but at Stage AE it was the men’s. This really is not too big of a deal, but just something we noticed about the flow of the restrooms. From the bathroom back to the entrance, we thought the entrance bottle-necked the line a tad. There was a massive line and only a couple of doors to enter the venue. However, as we said before, the line moved so much faster than we anticipated- even with a small entry. We just thought a couple more doors or additional entrance could make that even quicker. The last ‘Needs Work’ that really doesn’t need work related to merchandise. Dillon ran out of all the tye-dye IDGAFOS merch! We were upset because that was the #1 thing we needed to snag from the Pittsburgh show. So it was sad for us, but amazing for him because he created such a great line-up of merch. News flash though, the merch is now live on today- if you wanted it as bad as we do.

And now the toughest part… acknowledging that the tour that gave us life all year is over. This was possibly the most excited we have been for a tour and it was all worth it. Thank you to everyone who made it happen- especially Diablo, Alison, and Dillon. Thank you to Stage AE for this last show, and to everyone who came out. The energy was off the charts for the last show, and it made it a night we never will forget. Lastly thank you to Thomas Falcone, AGAIN, for getting Dillon the shirts we made for the tour. You can check out the latest ones on our insta… keep your eyes peeled we may be selling one of them soon!

Until next time.


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