AJ Salvatore brings you the heat with a heavy-hitting hip-hop vocal track. Atarii’s lyrics assure you that this song is removing you from the comfort of your current state. When the lyrics cut and the build breaks, there is a portal opened right in front of you. The thumping bass and cutting synth ripped that hole in reality and drag you through it; stealing you from where you pressed play and throwing you into the realm of raging face. You are forced to lose yourself in the energy ‘Realms’ creates.

Even with so much bass and energy, Salvatore is able to create an amazingly heavy song, while giving Atarii’s vocals the justice they deserve. The craftsmanship on the song becomes so very evident because of that. As if the balancing of vocals and production wasn’t enough, the rhythm of the voice matches so perfectly with Salvatore’s production that it feels symbiotic.

This is the perfect song to roll with into the weekend. This song is the perfect example of a remover, which is a vibe-cabulary word defined as:

a song that takes you away from your thoughts or takes your thoughts away from you; because the song is just too good to have your head anywhere else

So you can bet we will be bumping this on the way home from work, to remove anything but ‘Realms’ hype energy from our weekend minds.

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