Nostalgix dropped a hot new house experience this morning! Featuring vocals from Sophiegrophy, the song released with Do Not Duplicate Recordings. Mind Yo Biz morphs house music with a very futuristic hip-hop feel. Her sound has grime with strong structure and also features sounds clips that develope the story of the song. The bass-heavy house track moves us effortlessly through the listen.

The effortless listening experience comes from the song smoothness. Hearing house music like this feels as natural as walking. Nostalgix makes something that feels so familiar and comfortable interesting. By using the sounds she does, she creates this dystopic backdrop for her track. It really sparks the anxious emotion of a “big brother is watching” future. How the sounds hit and linger gives the listener a discomfort felt when being followed or stalked, while still grooving underneath. The track breaks that emotion when it drops into the dance beckoning hook, All those eyes that were watching are now getting a show.

The song is so beautifully done, and really creates a story/feeling that fits with the title. It is wonderful to see so vividly this Sci-Fi dystopic future in the 3-minute play time of a house song. It is no surprise that the song is a dancetopic.track, which is a vibe-cabulary word defined as:

songs that bring the listener to a future that feels unsafe/unwelcoming, but we are all okay with it because we are slaves to the music

So go into the weekend a servant to the groove, with Nostalgix’s Mind Yo Biz!

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