Rossy brings the amazingly provocative vocals of Lilianna Wilde into her epic production stylings, with the release of ‘Break Your Heart Like’. The song is a testament to the massive talent held between the two artists, as well as, another demonstration of the emotion Rossy creates with her music, time and time again.

With ‘Break Your Heart Like’, Rossy’s production is able to mirror the feeling of not only the lyrics but also the sound of Lilian’s voice. The very sultry and mysterious call of Wilde’s vocals is paired up perfectly with Rossy’s use of synth as well as creating vacuums of sound. By creating a place for the vocals to be the omnipresent sound, the ear latches onto them and follows them throughout the entire song. Even when the production extends over and moves past the vocals, we still chase even the slightest hint of vocals. This dependence/craving introduces that provocative hypnosis that embodies the female the song is about.

The song is so wispy, raw, and entrancing. Rossy is able to capture all of that while still introducing the great break-downs and complex production, that are staples of her production. The song is the lustful-blindfold of the weekend; a vibe-cabulary word defined as

a song that steals the heart from your chest and leads you where it wants; at the songs end you are left dazed and unsure of what just happened, but also left with urge to give your heart back, to experience chasing it down again

Congratulations Rossy on creating another track with unbound emotion. This one, without a doubt, has a hold on us.

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