Groggy and groovy become words that belong together in Travis Lydian’s new track, ‘Where Am I’. This song takes house and twists it with very trancey and jungle production. The song seems to spin you in circles with the amazing percussion rhythms created. The song disorients while still providing a dance track.

‘Where Am I’ uses a rounded low-end rhythm cut with phenomenal high percussion lines to create that muffled-mind feeling. The introduction of the vocal loop also helps to develop that dazed feeling- starting very lost and distant to the extreme clarity at, “Who are you again and why are you in my bed?”. The song is so fun while also being a little terrifying. It emulates this trippin’ vibe that is darkly magical and reality-shifting, but most importantly bouncy and groovy. This is a classic tab-track, which is defined in the WTV Dictionary as

a song that takes you on an absolute trip, without any substance; if you close your eyes during it you have to convince yourself you are sober when you open them back up

Travis kills it with a very lost-in-your-mind vibe with the creation of ‘Where Am I’. Lose yourself in the loopy nature of this track!

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