Haus Of Panda lays out the vibe of his EP from its title: speed. There is no doubt that he delivers, at the speed of light. The Canadian producer continues to shape his Speed House movement, by continually introducing amazing tacks into his library. The three songs on Speed House, Vol. 2 are no exception to the trend. This EP looks to light an absolute fire in the listener and more importantly heat the dancefloor.

The exciting bass house, that Haus of Panda is known for, should be accredited as a fuel source. Strong basslines, heavy builds, and the hard-hitting speedy breakdowns give us life. We could be running on three minutes of sleep for three days and we would still find the energy to absolutely lose it to any of the tracks on Speed House, Vol. 2. So let’s dive into just what was on there.

‘Hardcore Power’ ignites the short fuse to the bomb that is Speed House, Vol. 2. We are thrown into the racing bouncy. It starts light with a subtle bass rumble emerging but then diffuses into a very freeing sound. The piano keys mixed with the alternating synth rhythm serve as the light stretch before the intense workout. The distorted “hardcore power” lyric brings the absolutely slapping bass. Each drop is just so saturated with sound and brings the absolute heat. The song stays bouncing right until the end, where “bass be louder” moves us right into the second track.

Track two is for the bad bitches. ‘Kick It’ keeps the pace and adds a hooking rap lyric. The song builds into another absolute club thumper. The song has that dirty house feel, but when it comes to the hook brings you that dopamine fix. ‘Kick It’ has that really well-made plot curve. It knows when to slow things down and how to pick them back up. There is never a too soon or too much in Panda’s music, this song is a perfect demonstration.

Closing the EP is a song that asks to close a set. Not only does ‘Go Hard’ exhibit that amazing song-plot-line that Haus has, but it creates this phenomenal void in between the first and second drop. This makes ‘Go Hard’ an itcher, in vibe-cabulary terms. An itcher is:

A song that gets the listener hooked on the rhythm and then cuts it at some point in the song, leaving the user helplessly craving the feeling the rhythm supplied- itching for the beat

The song comes back in time-and-time again, and every time is as good as the last. A club anthem without a doubt. It coaxes you to become the turbocharged Energizer Bunny, which is just an absolute wild feeling.

Speed House, Vol. 2 is not only bursting at the seams with energy, but it is brought to us at such a perfect time. The timing allows us to learn every slapping beat before we hear them all fest season- because that is exactly where all three tracks on this list will end up. Get on the movement, because Speed House is a vibe and Panda is the king.

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