WTV fam member, Rossy, continues to hammer out new music. There is no shortage of her sound and we are still wanting more. Today she adds to the list with the drop of The Lost Boys Close To U Remix EP. The duo brings four hand-picked remixes of their funky and soulful dance tune with Carsen,‘Close To U’. One of those four remixes is, of course, Rossy’s doing!

Rossy takes the very sensual and smooth Lost Boys tune and filters that soft ooey-gooey sound into the amazing raw sound we are used to from her. Rossy does a phenomenal job of keeping the core emotion of the song intact, while still completely shifting the way we feel it. Her remix adds those epic bass hits and the siren-like synth that we crave from Rossy. Those additions take the song that feels so sultry and romantic and places it in the back of a cop car. Rossy becomes more intense and heated, in her remix, when conveying the romance in the original song. The song creates such a fantastic vibe and inspires one to just willow about, which is defined in the vibe-cabulary as:

Letting emotional music take over your body and just gently move your body like a willow tree in the wind- rooted in the rhythm; moved by the feeling

Rossy’s remix of the previously phenomenal tune is such a stand out production. She does not take away or try to reinvent, she just repurposed everything and gave her own flare. There is no doubt that production mindset mixed with her amazingly fresh sound made her a must on this The Lost Boys EP. The whole project demonstrates phenomenal production by all the parties involved. We are so glad that Rossy’s remix brought us this a tracklist of artists. Make sure to give them all a listen because all of them deserve it.

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