As the weather heats up, ACHILLES is still able to chill us to the bone with his latest track; a remix of a song by fellow WTV Fam members, Wicasa. ACHILLES released HalloWicasa: Stockholm Syndrome (ACHILLES Remix) to Soundcloud on April 23, 2019. The long-running dubstep song is nothing short of adrenaline pumping.

ACHILLES has always shown us how hard he can bring it. Bringing his own style to reimagine other artists’ works is even more exciting. This track is a perfect representation of why we get so excited. The story that Wicasa painted in the original track stays the same, but ACHILLES takes it and spins even more chaos into it. The drops absolutely grind into the heightening top end rhythms that take us into the plot of this horror story. The big shift in the pace and sound saturation bring the amazing sense of terror the clips already portray. Coming into the second drop you get even MORE than the first. The false drop builds into the roll back up to explode that HUGE second hook. Phenomenal patterns, in ACHILLES’ music, add an amazing flair to his brand. Be warned: this remix of Stockholm Syndrome is sure to cause a snake spine, a condition defined in the WTV dictionary as:

the condition caused by a great grouping/contrast in sound that creates a chill so strong, that you must actually shake it out of your vertebrae

Another amazing track in the books for ACHILLES, and an even better collaboration between two WTV Fam members. We are excited to see a track with such great clips and drops cut into future sets for both of them.

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