Another WTV fam collaboration hit our ears last Friday. Sego Genesis and Khaos bring their talents together on their insanely dynamic single. The song breathes the life of both artist’s brand into it and we are excited to take it all in. ‘Feel Alive’ is no doubt as compelling as it is creative.

When listening to this track, it is so exciting to see each fam members’ handprints throughout the making. Sego Genesis brings these beautifully calming vocals and gentle builds. His style evokes this very airy and wispy build style- it is that perfect summer track. As we move deeper into the song, we see the build is where we switch. Khaos takes over for the drops and turns the sunset gleaming clouds into a lightning storm. The dubstep break downs are so well done and are not too far of a shift from what Sego brings. By no means does Khaos seem to be playing it down, however, he does show an amazing knowledge of how to jar the listener but not lose them.

The second drop is possibly the greatest play at their collaboration because they let Sego build again and use the drums to hint Khaos taking back over. It creates a false drop, that still drops. Sego Genesis takes it further this time and further develops the emotion in the song. Then once you are further in those feels, Khaos brings his style right back to center stage.

The song is this perfect melding of clearly different sounds. Khaos and Sego Genesis have a track to be immensely proud of, not only for showcasing themselves but also not overshadowing the other. This quality is best defined as the double-stuffed collab, which is defined as:

a collaboration in which two artists showcase themselves and perfectly, through the use of their own sound, highlight the other artist: the perfect balance (like the double-stuffed Oreo)

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