Bassani comes in with some of the hottest low-fi to high-energy house boppers, with his April 26 release. The EP, Soma & Noir, features two tracks that are looking to crawl out of speakers. He features his ability to create very dynamic sound, all while keeping a constant energy level. Then after which, demonstrates the ability to let those same dynamics explode. A great contrast that allows him to feature his talent in complexity.

The EP starts with a very tribal sounding piece. ‘Soma’ uses the non-English muttering and some very distinct hand drum strikes to raise the tribe out of the listener. Pairing that with that well-kept energy, amazing bass vibration, and the contrasting high-chimes, Bassani absolutely murders the track. Each drop varies and presents this creative line of flow. The song gives you energy, rather than taking it. It is this crazy phenomenon called reverse exhaustion, which is a WTV vibe-cabulary word defined as:

A moment of, either personal or group, listening when you actually feel the call to dance and the energy to do it comes from the song- no matter your level of exhaustion

It makes sense why Bassani led the EP with an energy-giver, once you see track two. That well-kept energy is thrown away and exploded out of us like fireworks, with ‘Noir’. This song moves into that slightly creepy and dubby house adaptation that Bassani can make. The sound use is really just the tip of the iceberg on this track though. Bassani starts this track in a spot that feels almost completely different from where it began. From the first big build and drop to the last futuristic high-string melody, we go through a transformation at his hands. Possibly the peak moment is when we first hear that melody come in around the second harder feeling drop. That is the first time that we realize something is happening. Just as we realize the third drop appears to come, but instead, it tremors off and runs into this amazing progression of repurposing the sound and building into something so new. It is euphoric.

Bassani is always looking to show that his trick bag is never empty. He has taken us on some amazingly new soundscapes and played around with ones familiar to us. No matter the case he always brings an amazing understanding of energy and of the plot-line of an individual song. Soma & Noir EP is just another example of the great music he makes while bringing the world what he has to offer. We are excited to get working on his next write-up, for sure.

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