We busted out of the atmosphere and into orbit again last weekend! Space Camp held their eight installments and, just like our understanding of the galaxy, it’s getting bigger and bigger. We have had quite a few changes since our last journey to Space Camp, and we are excited to tell you all about it. First and foremost, however, a huge shoutout to everyone over at Space Camp for always having us and providing such a unique experience.


Hamptons on King remains the venue for the electronic music phenomenon. A great dive bar venue that really adopts that nature of accepting all who come. That vibe, which Space Camp advertises, is even FURTHERED by the venue for Space Camp 8. Now rather than being exclusively in the basement, the concert features two floors! The floor with the entrance and main bar now features a house stage, and the lowe level is everything else. This difference in sound and pace, between the floors, gives an amazing listening opportunity. Being able to define your mood and adjust to the music that fits it is spectacular. Even more spectacular is the increase in artist count as well! Bringing more artists leads to bringing more people and more sounds and a better-developed palet of genres and audience. A great step in the right direction.

Past the multi-floor-multi-genre change, everything else about the venue is solid. It by no means is a five-star dive bar, what you see is what you get. That being said, what you get is everything that you need. Two functioning bars (one for each floor), bathrooms (one unisex, one men’s, one women’s), a whole lot of dance area, a whole lot of relaxing area, and always most impressive a whole lot of merchant area (four pop-ups to be exact)! Hamptons on King really brings Space Camp everything they need, and Space Camp utilizes the space so very well.  


With a venue that can harbor two stages, you have to be able to bring the artist volume to fill it. Space Camp 8 managed to have an ample amount of talent to fill the space. Both stages were bumping all night. Not only with individual sets but also with artist-to-artist support. It was so great to see artists on and off stage at all periods of the night- seeing artists react with a show from both sides of the stage.

Beyond the artist volume and interaction, Space Camp has managed to create a great flow between artists. The music never really skips a beat, but if it does they tell you why. That transparency and level of realness is another defining factor of Space Camp. They may not always have shit perfectly queued or planned but they won’t lie to you to seem like they do. Every artist, collaborator, and planner understands they are in the learning process still- but they also know they, along with us, are having one hell of a time. A huge shoutout to all of these artists for bringing talent to the growing event:

Blue, Citizen 09, Christian Bistany, DJ Harbinger, Kimono Dog, Mike Dow, Raiden Labs, SadBoii, Yami, Yung Hollywood, & Zach Lowe

(check two WTV fam members representing- Christian Bistany + Yami)

Done Well and Needs Work

Space Camp 8 is just a testament to growth and tenacity. This event has brought so much to the table in a short amount of time. It goes without saying that expanding to a two-floor show, incorporating more artists, and featuring more pop-ups are positives. Growth is one thing we are happy to see and hungry to continue to see. Beyond the obvious measurables, Space Camp 8 really showed an understanding of their audience and venue, through set-up. Leaving the house music upstairs they gave everyone a space to cool-off (mentally and physically) while still being surrounded by the Space Camp brand. Simply said Space Camp has two-floors filled with music, booze, people, and merch- that’s such a great achievement.

With so much good to say, we of course still see space for Space Camp to grow. Two items that we would maybe like to see some work on are: sound and cleanliness. First was the sound levels. The bass was phenomenal, without a doubt, but something about the speakers in the basement (and a tad upstairs) didn’t seem to fill the room. Possibly moving to have some speakers further back in the room to surround the crowd with sound, and amplify all the artists are bringing. The louder the better, in our book. In that same book, we see cleanliness as important as well. We are all for the appeal of underground feeling shows and dive bars, but the bathrooms in the Hamptons are not the nicest. The men’s bathroom especially feels sort of like an abandoned subway terminal. As gross as it is, there is also something charming about it. But as Space Camp grows, maybe a venue with a cleaner restroom could be cool.As always, none of this harshed the show for us- we just gotta point where we see the potential for further growth!

Space Camp 8 hits our books and now we are just looking forward to Space Camp 9. We sure hope to catch another invite and be able to experience it all over again. Thank you to everyone at Space Camp for having us out. Thank you to all the artists (DJs and designers) for bringing your talents, especially the boys Christian Bistany and Yami. Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us and showed love to all that talent.

Until next time.


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