The Bassani beats that keep us going just keep coming. So I guess we just have to keep dancing, especially with his May 3 double single release. ‘Bad Boy/Smoke’ is not only another release that keeps us moving but, yet again, demonstrates the amazing ability Bassani has to showcase is amazing production ability.

Our first track, ‘Bad Boy’, has an airy bounce. While adopting come very techno-adapted sounds, it brings to the surface some amazing percussion and deeper bass. The song is so magnificent because of its structure. There are very strong and identifiable plot points in the song. The beginning reads so differently from a minute into the track, and it is fascinating. To make matters better, the vocals don’t truly come in until after the first drop. The rise and fall, of the song, is so unique to Bassani music, and he has perfected it. ‘Bad Boy’ embodies the name because the beat keeps murdering our ears and then returning to the scene- like any bad boy.

Bouncy moves into trancey when ‘Bad Boy’ rolls over into ‘Smoke’. ‘Smoke’ has this very Arabian desert over-tone layered on top of the house beat. A house beat which actually fades before the first drop of the song, while the vocals emerge. The track feels like it could take a very trap turn, but instead, it gives us sandy bass. Gritty and down low is where this song keeps us, while constantly alluding to light with that desert-wandering melody. Our vibecabulary can only describe ‘Smoke’ as a solitary window:

Sound that is defined by a dark nature, but has little hallucination-like dreams of light warming our skin- the effect is given its name because it evokes the same emotion a prisoner in solitary confinement feels seeing the light of the singular window in the ceiling.

We hope you are still dancing because we are. Bassani is sure to have something to drop again soon, but we sure have enough in the mean-time. Huge shoutout to our WTV fam member for continually crafting ammunition for the club and for time and time again bringing amazing talent to his production tools.

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