Mother’s Day may be in the rear-view, but there is never a time not to praise moms. So we would like to take this post to highlight a mother dear to our hearts. Many know her as Nostalgix, but we know her as the Mother of House! No need for CPR anymore; Nostalgix’s thumping house tracks will keep our pulse alive forever. Her and Danny Time’s newest single, ‘Locked & Loaded’, is nothing short of a checked-and-certified AED.

The May 3rd release opens with a classic phat house line. It is clean and very bare, which only intrigues the listener. Then the lid of the song begins to open and this low rumble escapes into our ears. This is a classic Pringle can open, vibecabularily defined as:

The art of slowly introducing pieces of a song to get the audience hungry to chow down. Called the pringle can open because like opening a pringles can you have stages: the lid (the commitment to Pringles), the seel-peel (introducing the smell), the first chip (that amazing first taste), and the rest of your eating (it gets better with every bite, and is hard to put down). in songs of this sort, you are run through these stages and emotions related to music

With the staple open (the lid) and the introduction of that low synth line that has us craving (the seel-peel), it is time to chow down the delicious Nostalgix//Danny Time thumpin’-house-recipe. The vocal loop brings in the heat of the song, while also stating the facts of Nosalgix music: it’s a bounce, bop, slap, and knock ALWAYS.

The drops of this song are so exciting and building. Other than just being phenomenally bumping, Nostalgix and Danny knit together these hidden relic sounds. Each one has a new feeling that fits well with the last. Their soundboard has to be set to neo-classical because we hear these futuristic whirs and top hits which meld with the very 90’s muddled snare and gun cocking. Those characteristics and sounds then are mirrored by the stunning cover-art.

Nostalgix brings us so much joy with her music and accomplishments. You can hear and tell, from reading this, that her production is beyond amazing. She has so much to be proud of with just that! Yet, there is more than just the music to be proud of on this track. ‘Locked and Loaded’ is Nostalgix first release with Tchami’s Confession label. Oh… and did we mention she is OFFICIALLY the first female to release/be signed to the label? It is undeniable that the mother of house title belongs to her. Congratulations to Nostalgix for this milestone, to her and Danny for an amazing track, and most importantly happy Mother’s Day to the house mom.

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