Clear the way, huge news! We get to cover our first DISNEY inspired song. Austin was absolutely geeked when this came flying in from WTV fam member, Nightfrog. The Disney isn’t even the best part though, because the May 9 release marks the FIRST Nightfrog track covered on Where’s The Vibe! Like those pesky lost boys, the feeling of WTV fam debuts never gets old.

Adapted from overture, peppered heavily with bass, and big drops added to flavor ‘Peter Pan’ is a brew fit for any pirate. Nightfrog rewets the clay that Hollywood Studio Symphony molded with the overture track ‘Set Them Free’. He crafts this very epic bass track that embodies the nature of the high energy duels in Pan. Each hit you can feel Pan’s dagger clashing with Hooks rapier. Nightfrog really pays homage to the track not only by re-capturing the feeling, but also letting his sample of the song do a lot of the work. It is the strong execution of looping the track that brings those blunt fighting strikes. All of this amalgamated on one track makes this stand-out as an over-cure, added to the WTV dictionary as:

An artist who takes an overture/instrumental and cures it of its low levels of bass/dance feels

When it is all said and done, Nightfrog stole some pixie dust and really flew away with this track. We just hope he comes straight back from the second star on the right and watches some more track inspiring Netflix, with his wife.

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