Caution: any use of the following track should be closely monitored. On May 4th, artist and mad-beat scientist, XT, developed a serum known as ‘Inject’. The track is still being studied heavily but it seems the major beneficial attributes of use are its heightening of energy level, flooding of dopamine levels, and even muscle growth (mainly in the neck). Though these benefits seem desired, there do seem to be some side effects. Those include but are not limited to: aches and pains, overexertion, blurred vision, and the most common- inverted-lemon. For those that are not familiar with the vibecabulary condtion, inverted-lemon is:

A condition caused by astoundingly bass-heavy and energy-ridden music, where the regular bass face becomes more severe. There are two variants seen regularly (1) the face actually begins to tighten and get sucked into the mouth (2) the bass face begins to pull so hard that the mouth opens to reveal a tooth-cracking clench in the mouth

XT actually becomes the master of disaster on this track, no questions asked. Not only are all of the sounds perfectly matched to illustrate the ‘Inject’ vibe, but the track is crazy. Like you really cannot sit and calmly listen to this track. Each drop is dripping with the slime of an experiment gone wrong. The injection takes the body and possesses it with a creature of mayhem and hunger. The story told by the song then comes to fruition on each listen. XT injects us with the creature of her production and it runs through our body like an abomination. Finally, leaving our limp flat-lining corpses and retreating back into the speakers it came from.

‘Inject’ hold great plot and ties that with the adherence to amazingly hard dance music. This belongs coming out of speakers at every Lost Lands set. It is only a win-win because you bring this track up you will have a crowd full of lemons, and you know what they say about life giving you lemons.

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