He’s not making flapjacks or burgers, but damn Yami flipped it! The young Columbus artist and WTV fam member issues his Where’s The Vibe debut track, this 16th of May. On the track, Yami takes the chest-pounding work of Nitti Gritti’s ‘Crack’ and douses it with a cocktail of adrenaline and pure cocaine. Yami does not just make an entrance to the page but pulls the entire door off of the hinges upon entering.

The sirens blare in order to signal the commencing of a world-wide neck-breaking. If you want your neck, we would advise covering your ears for this part. ‘Crack (Yami flip)’ literally is a two-round showdown of cataclysmic wubs and rips. There is nowhere to run or hide once the vocal clip is in because there is an onslaught of phenomenal dubstep rhythm, deep bass, and the sickest of screaming wubs. Not to mention the Rick and Morty sample to add a little more chaos: that phenomenal Mr. Meeseeks scream (nice allude to this on the cover art).

The song absolutely shreds through the two drops and then does the craziest thing: it fizzles. The song provides you with a couple of solid drum slaps and leaves you with only that. Being aware of the action the song took before, this is best described as metorshowering. The vibecabulary defines this as:

Raining turmoil on the people of earth with the heaviest of music, and then after destroying everything we once knew leaving us with the smoking ashes of what once was- deriving from the action the meteor took when wiping dinosaurs off the Earth.

Yami absolutley brings a lot to the table with this track, and we cannot wait to see what comes in regard to all other aspects of his music. We will be sure to keep the fire extinguishers in the storm shelter, for when he drops the next one.

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