There are so many movements being made in the EDM community. On the hard rise back into the well-deserved limelight is trap music. A martyr for the trap movement is none other than our fam member Rossy. Last week, May 14th, she again elevates her unique trap brand with the release of ‘Always’.

Rossy unremittingly releases tracks that bring her epic-trap sound to any emotion. ‘Always’ takes the soft and loving vocals of Pauline Herr to provide a mellowed trap listen. The sound has the movement of a sailing on open waters at sunset. Just as with any Rossy production, there are these amazing rise-and-falls of bass that adds body and intensity, but a level tranquility is built that matches the vocals, on ‘Always’. It has the struggle of sailing through the unpredictable moving water but gives you this true beauty to admire at the emerging dusk. This is classified in the WTV dictionary as Van Goghing:

An artist producing music that perfectly captures, with their unique sound, the emotion felt by the vision of a scene that cannot be perfectly put into words, like the famous works of Vincent Van Gogh

‘Always’ is a testament to the power of vocals and the value of controlled sound. Rossy’s actions in her making of the track clearly show her understanding of when to under and overuse her brand. She breaks each vocal stint so well with whimsical synthetic strings and digs each drop from that level oh whim. As the listener, you can really feel the downward movement with the thumping bass hits that foreshadow the break-down. The song has such a reserved flow and it’s what makes it the perfect in-your-feels trap listen, without losing the trap brand- which can be a hard line to toe.

Another phenomenal track is locked under Rossy’s belt, with ‘Always’. It is amazing to see such a pivotal artist continue to release amazing music that matches every ounce of emotion with liters of production talent.

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