Don’t blink you might miss this speedy beat. Coming in again with big beats that defy the odds and move faster than light, Haus Of Panda drops ‘Punk’d’. The May 17 drop brings a very techy twist to the Speed House movement that Panda is single-handedly paving the way for. The track is a jet-fueled race through neon Tokyo.

The soundscape of ‘Punk’d’ is what brings the seasoning to this dynamic track. Panda uses these crazy zips and zaps that bring life to the tech-synth and bopper snare hits. This refresh, of the early 2000’s ‘Punk‘ by Ferry Corsten, has constantly elevating movement. From the start, each build has a subtle plateau that gives space for the sound to burst into the next succession of energy dosing. There is just a propelling effect at the pinnacle of each build. The vibecabulary term, Hot Wheel power booster, perfectly illustrates this production phenomenon:

The point in a song where energy seems to sustain for moments, before hitting a period of rapid energy growth. Like a Hot Wheel hitting the speed booster to increase momentum for later down the track.

Haus of Panda crafts ‘Punk’d’ with a different run speed than previous Speed House tracks, but affirms that no matter the gear he can take it to maximum speed. The RPMs, of the car that is ‘Punk’d’, are melting the engine through the whole track. No worries though, we can guarantee that the next track will be sure to repair the damage and push the limits even farther.

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