For a tour labeled with the Monster brand, Slushii was nothing short of the most extreme amount of caffeine you can pack into a can. There were a multitude of flavors throughout the night and the environment provided the perfect backdrop for it all. Before we get into breaking everything down, we want to thank Prime Social Group for corralling the tour to Columbus, Slushii and the local talent for bringing an amazing show, the Bluestone for harboring the event, and lastly all of you for joining in the fun. So let’s get the cans cracked as we guzzle down the Monster fueled evening.


A Columbus gem, The Bluestone, was the venue for the night. A venue we have been to countless times and a venue that has provided a number of amazing nights to match. The old repurposed church has a well done bowl-upper-bowl layout. It does not have anything that is too miraculous, but that is what makes it such a strong venue. Simplicity is the perfect play for the Bluestone, especially because it works. It never feels overcrowded (outside or in), it never has a line that is not quickly moved through, and it gives so many viewing and listening placements. It gives the people a place to gather, just like any church should.


Surprising but not appalling, Slushii did not bring any guest artists on this tour. It seems a bit odd to not have some special line-up adds for such a tour, but it really worked out for Columbus. Local talent filled the stage for the first half of the night, and we were ecstatic to see it. We love seeing the rising talent and experiencing new artists. Lucky enough we were able to see someone new and a FAMiliar face. WTV fam member Yami took the stage first, followed by Reckless. Both openers did a great job of building energy and showcasing their brand. They served as a perfect catalyst for the main event.

Slushii brought everything he had to the stage, for this show. His set captured, what we imagine, is every side of his personality. He portioned dubstep with dance classics with karaoke favorite reworks to craft this very freeing vibe. The whole night was just kept in this perpetual loop of happiness. Neck-breaking to cheesing to screaming your lungs out- the show was FOR the people. Afterward, it was hard not to smile walking home or utter a chuckle that he gave away an Infinity Gauntlet replica to close his set. Slushii is genuine by nature and it was amazing to see a set that adopted the same.

Done Wells and Needs Work

When it comes down to brass tacks on this one, the whole night was a success. The venue, limited lineup, and phenomenal set construction all tally up for a great evening. Nothing felt off about the night; it was just a whole night of nurturing good vibes. So it goes down as an overall done-well.

With such a well put together evening, we only feel the things that could be added to make it better. There is nothing we would have changed about any of Friday, but we do see the opportunity for addition. We would love to see the Bluestone add two things: a solid drink menu and outdoor speakers. A drink menu that showcases some brand defining drinks for the venue. Some concoctions that are really good and special to the venue. They could be a great revenue boost and give a drink that is guaranteed to taste good every time- which we didn’t really get with our mixed drinks. Also bringing speakers outside to allow you to still be immersed in the music fully when taking a breath of fresh air. Both of these additions are not necessary, but would really continue to improve on an already well-rounded venue experience.

This concert was a night for the books without a doubt. Getting to see a must see artist on his solo tour was enough, but then adding in the Bluestone and WTV fam member Yami- it became all the sweeter. A huge thanks again to the artists, PSG, and the Bluestone for making this event possible. And of course, thank you to everyone who came and sipped some Monster Slushii with us.

Until next time.


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