The bubbles of the beast rise to the surface, as we bring another WTV fam debut to you. Rising, from the deepest darkest depths of the ocean of bass, is Kilo Hawke on his latest track ‘Daisy (Leviathan)’. Kilo brings a hugely new style to our page with his production style and we are ready to bow down to the creature he has created.

‘Daisy (Leviathan)’ dropped May 13th and brings this amazing fix of low BPM that everyone has an itch for. The song really makes the tribal worship of a see beast a whole vibe. From the very electronic didgeridoo and skin drum opening, we really get the feeling of this calling ritual. Just like any ritual of the sort, there is an excitement and fear that manifests calling an unknown all-powerful beast. The initial build is done so well in really bringing the sea beast to surface. The sounds cut through you like the sea-legend through water, until he finally surfaces to fuck-shit up! Both drops just have this chaotic and destructive feel. The beast is released and is embracing the provided human sacrifice. The track holds such power and dynamic sound that bring such a story along with it. No different than a tribe demonstrating the power of their gods, ‘Daisy (Leviathan)’ is a demonstration of the power Kilo holds as an artist. The song is without a doubt a judicial sacrificial, in the WTV Dictionary:

A song that has the full support and rights of the listener behind allowing an artist to desecrate the mind with powerful production style- just as a tribe allows during the sacrificial callings of their god(s).

Kilo Hawke brings amazing talent to a very strong project. His emerging style brings us something new to talk about and brings everyone an altering listening experience. His sound and tempo crafting on ‘Daisy (Leviathan)’ is nothing but a huge win for his brand. We are excited to see the continuation of his production and development of an already outstanding brand.

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