He may not adopt the apron look, but Jimmy Rock is undoubtedly cooking up some smooth spicy rhythm, with Ben G. On May 24th, Jimmy released his latest recipe ‘Replay’. The track is full of flavor from different corners of electronic sound yet melds everything together and not confuse the palet. ‘Replay’ rings out as an anthem for feet dancing on the sun-warmed pavement. So let’s break down what makes it taste so good.

‘Replay’ from the start does two fantastic things as a track: one showcases the Jimmy Rock brand and two features strong striking percussion. The song oozes the Jimmy Rock brand not only in the style but also as a key feature lyric in the Ben G vocal. Those vocals expose the man behind the curtain and show what he is cooking up. It gives the audience something real to grip onto throughout the whole song- especially with it being a cultural song. The “DJ Jimmy Rock” becomes a staple for any listener to hold on to and sing along with. The other staple of the song is that amazing percussion line. It sounds so clean and yet raw- like it was played right into a microphone off of a fresh set of drums. Those sounds mix so well with the Moombahton vibe but also contrast it by not being a drum that feels more island-like. This is a direct reference to that exciting recipe from earlier.

The song forms and builds around those amazing attributes. Some other notable additions to the very bouncy dance track are the phenomenal vocal-like high sounds that develop the melody as well as the second break-down featuring the very 2000’s hip-hop call-outs. The song is again that perfect union of so many different types of production. It encompasses all parts of Jimmy’s brand and also takes some risks within that. His and Ben G’s cooking of the track ‘Replay’ stands out as kickin’ chicken- which the vibecabulary defines as:

A song/set that features many amazing flavors that come together to form the tastiest track- coming from the secret recipes that many modern chicken-vendors claims that make their chicken a step above the rest.

Jimmy Rock and Ben G crafted an amazing summer track with ‘Replay’. It is an exciting track for the summer and more importantly a phenomenal showcase of the collaborative ability of both artists. It is no surprise, with the name, that this song can be left looping and you won’t get sick of it.

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