A man who has brought us countless plot-driven songs is now bringing us his horror movie. Bassani is entering a new realm of music, as he tackles some bass-driven low BPM music. He is quoted saying that space mother, Rezz, is the inspiration behind the production of his latest single ‘Shudder’. Let’s beam up into the newly crafted spaceship Bassani put into orbit.

The low BPM scene right now is geared to alter perception and even make uncomfortable- in the best way. What Bassani is able to do in ‘Shudder’ brings all of those attributes to the surface. From the vocal choices to the simplicity of progression, the song brings the mind to an impasse to either submit to the songs bidding or keep your free will. However, as the song moves the path that holds your free-thinking is slowly covered in darkness. There is only one path to march down and one rhythm to march to. ‘Shudder’ is eerie and provocative. It leaves the ear lusting for the darkness it provides. The song is a vibecabulary defined poison-prick invitation:

A song that invites the listener to submit to the darkness it holds, while also assuring them to accept the invitation

Bassani’s commitment to bring his fan base genre shattering music is unwavering. ‘Shudder’ is a demonstration of that commitment and a focal point in his demonstration of genre-morphing efficacy. His releases should excite everyone because with each release there is a surprise and a success. We cannot wait for the next one, and even more, we cannot wait to see where Bassani will keep taking us. Is he even close to his final form? We cannot wait to find out.

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