French driver Simon Pagenaud may have taken the Indy 500, but our engines are still revving even after the finish. May 25th, 2019 marks the official beginning of our festival season, as we took to Indianapolis for Snake Pit. It feels so amazing to have a festival under our belts, although the sunburn does not feel as wonderful. Before we hop into our festival analysis, we want to take a moment and thank all the parties involved in making the event possible. First and foremost a massive thank you to all of the hands that went into making the Indy 500/Indy 500 Snake Pit possible. Every aspect of the event rang out that every hand involved was well-used and dedicated to concert/race-goers alike. Our second thank you is addressed to the talent headlining the Indy 500. Racers and EDM artists alike provided an exceptional stint of entertainment for the larger portion of our day. Their dedication to there craft, behind the wheel or in the DJ booth, does not go unnoticed. Bringing us to our last pressing thank you is the fan base for the entire event. There are very few events that cultivate a union of different people like the Indy 500/Indy 500 Snake Pit. The stadium and campgrounds were filled with an unfathomable amount of people all there to enjoy different aspects of the day provided. Without the massive crowds, the event would not be nearly as exciting and to that, we owe you all the world. That marks the waving of the green flag, so let us get racing through.


The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of those places that you really cannot comprehend the size. It is a giant metal castle of speed and pavement. Walking, from our campsite, up to the flag flying arena was awe-inspiring. That awe only becomes magnified once you realize you are seeing the smallest piece of what it actually is. After being inside of it, it is still hard to wrap our heads around what we were inside. Especially considering we spent our entire day inside the inside of the track. Walking through the stands, under the track, and into the center just to pass rows of vendors and campers, before finally reaching the Snake Pit gate had our jaws just dragging behind us.

After such a journey, we were in the fast-moving lines of the event we came for. Snake Pit checked us and our full coolers into the event and the party had begun. The venue was set up so nicely- bringing you the view of the stage with towers of patriotic colors and massive speakers. All of which faced outward into the grand field outlined with VIP, vendors, water stations, and hill painted with people getting an all-encompassing view of the stage. The only piece that broke the field up was the giant Snake Pit sign that was a phenomenal branding piece, located smack-dab in the middle of the event. The venue gave us and all other fans so many placement options for watching the event. Another largely notable attribute of the venue was the alley-like bathroom station. Snake Pit tucked the port-o-potties back away from the entrance in their own little hallway. It was great to have a central station to go to the bathroom, but also provided some struggle, which we will get into later.

The Indy 500 haven, known as Snake Pit, was so perfectly crafted. A massive venue inside of a massive coliseum of velocity competition could not have been done much better. It demonstrated the patriotic brand of the weekend, emulated dance music culture, and cultivated the brand of the Indy 500 as a whole. There was nothing that was more race than rave and vice versa. That balance and entire branding through set-up and decorum are what stands out from the venue. It makes you take away from the event everything that the event is about.


Snake Pit did not hold a punch by any means. Their lineup is a direct translation of the TKO that we experienced by attending. Five of our top need-to-see artists were written in big letters on every flyer and more importantly on every heart. Every artist brings a unique sound and brand to the festival, and we are recap our favorite aspects of each.

Ricky Retro

Bringing the yee-haw to Murica was a man adorning a white cowboy hat and a country twang. The man bled red white and blue out of the speakers. He had a mix of American classic tunes and his own style. His feature of Old Towne Road also got the crowd goofy-hype. A very fun and light-hearted set to guide the early morning energy upward!

Chris Lake

The grass will most likely need a full year to regrow in the Snake Pit corner, after Chris Lake. His legendary house set had the whole crowd slapping and sliding around. The cornerstone of his set is the smooth flow from hopper to copper. His rhythms set the beat to our hearts and the designed the choreography for our flesh. Visually and audibly brought an amazing vibe, as the sun began to claw its way out of the overcast.


Setting the vibe of a wild ride, illenium appeared in his highlighted race suit. His set brought just as much sound as his jumpsuit brought color. His set was paramount of energy variation. He took us from dirty dubs to sad boi sing-a-longs and was sure to stop at every sound in between. We were lucky enough to be so close that we could feel the heating and cooling effects of the set… literally. From the stage, water and fire shot out as part of the set. The set was well-crafted and miraculous. It left energy super high, to sustain and build through the opening of the race.


Although this was not an artist, the opening of the Indy was absolutely a show. From the beautiful vocals of ‘God Bless America’ and ‘The National Anthem’, it was impossible not to be moved. The trance of the singing was only broken by the sonic eruption of planes flying overhead. Every eye was locked on the planes that flew over and danced through the sky. With all of the amazing sets, singing, and fly-overs, it was the perfect time to decompress and re-prepare for the next half of the day. That time was thankfully was alotted for, during the first few laps of the race.


Amazing stage energy and genre-dynamics are two keywords, when defining this set. Alesso played everything he could during his set and made sure that it was tied together all so neatly. His set is hard to put into words, other than prodigious. How grateful we are for his set was actually matched by his gratitude to Snake Pit for having him. It is so exciting to see his talent be backed by gratitude to be there- because believe us we are infinitly thankful he was there blessing us with his set.


One of the founding fathers of mainstream EDM was such an amazing way to close the day. Skrillex is a must-see for any of you reading this. It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by his music. He plays a set that has you feeling nostalgia and wonder, while still bringing everything that we love about the EDM scene right now. His set brought every song and attribute about Skrillex and slammed it in your ears. He had a strong mix of tunes, but most importantly- he seemed to feed the people exactly what they were hungry for. Huge props to him for closing a gem of a day, with the treasure of his talent.

Done Wells and Needs Work

It seems to go without saying that Snake Pit was a huge success in our books. The venue, the lineup, and the overall vibes were everything we needed to start festival season. The wide open spaces, various stage vantage points, the BYOB aspect, vendor selection, and picture opportunities were top highlights for us. Two huge successes in our book, that we don’t normally get to talk about, were the camping and race aspects of Snake Pit. Camping gave us (and our large fest group) a safe, close, and hugely populated area to just hang out. Giving us a place to be all together and doing whatever we wanted made the event all the better. We will never take camping foregranted when it is provided. Being able to prepare and decompress for/from a festival (however you want with who you want) is the greatest opportunity. The race aspect also gave a unique opportunity. Having something so large going on around something that was so large to us was very different. The greater being of the Indy 500 was massively underestimated for us. Being able to experience the Indy 500 and the people who love it, after we just had one of the best festival experiences ever was so cool. We had a place to take our excitement and energy and redirect it. These deserve to be highlighted since they are so unique to the event.

With such a well made day, we only saw two downsides. The watering hole seemed to run dry at some point during the day, which was our first beef. It may have been just temporary, but the water filling and drinking station seemed to run out of the one thing it provided. We would for sure like to see a station that has water throughout the whole day. However, we were glad to have the free station at all- seeing hydration is an absolute key. Being able to get rid of that water is also important, which brings us to bathrooms. The tucked away halls of port-o-potties were great. There was no shortage of places to go, and no mystery on where to find them. The centralized and tucked away location did seem to pose an issue of crowding though. This just made it seem to take longer and forced you to slide in between a layering of people in order to get to the bathroom. Maybe having two bathroom hallways, on each side, would have made this a little smoother.

That brings to a close one of the greatest days of our lives. Snake Pit 2019 was such an amazing experience. There are very few places we could have seen so many big names in one day; and even fewer we could also see an Indy race. We are so glad to have been a part of such an amazing day and been surrounded by so many amazing individuals. Again we want to thank all the hands and talent that made the Indy 500/Snake Pit happen. Also, we want to thank the EDM powers that be that turned a day that was supposed to be full of rain, into one that gave most of our group sun-poisoning. Thank you all for reading and sharing in the experience with us. This is just the beginning of our festival season, and we cannot wait to build off of this.

Until next time.


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