Nicholas Latiff pops up making music on a release that was not his own! May 24th marked Paulo Ventura’s release of the double-single drop Anno Domini. The second track, ‘Why Are You So Quiet’, is a collaboration with WTV fam member- Nicholas Latiff. The track is a chill house tune, with a lot of rhythms to back it all up. So let’s hear a little more about why everyone so quiet, as we break the track down.

Subtle groove and highlighting of background noise is the key to this collaboration track. The most fascinating little sounds are what stick out and define the track. From the upward whistle that is in from the get-go to the stuttering electro quacks, the song really brings in these obscure sound bits that define the song. The sturdy bass line and mysterious vocal loop serve as the perfect backdrop to paint new sounds on the canvas each drop. We stay quite to hear something new each listen- to hear all the intricacies that both artists implanted. This quality makes the song without a doubt an ear-spy, vibecabularily defined as:

A song that is hidden with little golden ear nuggets; things you may not find with a quick listen through, but you stay to listen to a while and you find so many hidden pieces. The term comes from the very familiar I Spy puzzle books

House music is booming, especially with really solid releases like this. Thank you to both artists for the phenomenal track, and congratulations to Paulo on the singles. Be sure to check him out!

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