Certain things just scream summer for all of us. Watermelon, swimming pools, green grass, road trips, and now AJ Salvatore’s ‘Easier’. The May 31st release, on 418 Music, is hands down one of the most gentle and smoothest tracks to hit our ears. It the perfect enhancement to any care-free summer day.

The free-spirit nature of ‘Easier’ is attributed directly to the vocal production of the song. AJ is able to create a beautiful landscape around the already cascading waterfall of honey that is Daiyan Trisha’s voice. A voice that is so gentle and rounded could cure the darkest of days, and then AJ Salvatore infuses even more sunshine into it. The very bouncy backdrop adds the propelling force of the song, the breezy hi-tone progressions create butterflies in our stomachs, and then the plucking string sounds glimmer in the light of the sun. This song is impossible to listen to and not feel the warmth of a smile. The song, in the WTV Dictionary, is a food geeling:

A song that has you so happy that you mess up your words without care, because the only thing that matters is the extreme levels of joyful emotion.

Summer has the perfect backdrop for good times with ‘Easier’s release. The song belongs in recap videos of summer highlights and being played to accompany the best days of your life. All of that is thanks to AJ Salvatore and Daiyan Trisha. So get out there and start making good memories in the sun, because it is now way easier to make them happen.

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