Last week nighfrog and Sundin released their collaboration track ‘Flesh Wound’. The two seem to be getting along well, seeing the song came out unbelievably dirty. The song becomes so interesting when you realize the way it is all broken down, then restacked. So let’s check the ‘Flesh Wound’.

What we are all used to from nightfrog are amazing samples. He brings that talent to the table on this cutting dubstep track. Each drop has a different story told because of the samples. It is no secret where the song title came from after the first drop. “Flesh Wound” ushers in a really heavy first drop that is riddled with the slicing high end. Throughout the sample portions and builds you can hear the artists take away certain levels of that heavy first drop and replace them. The roster changes allow the second drop to hit differently. It has this beautiful riddim cutting drop that pushes the slicing theme of the entire song. From the cover art to the sound samples, the whole song balances on the edge of a sharp blade. This adherence to the knife theme as well as the dubstep/riddim nature of the song coins the vibecabulary term slice-n-dice.

A track that asks for hard DJ cuts while also alluding the sound of wounding cuts

A great collaboration between the two artists. It was exciting to see nightfrog working with Sundin, as we got to see a glimpse of his style. A clean track that leaves the ears sliced unrepairably.

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