Rossy took on a HUGE challenge with her latest release. She took to remix a track from an artist that means so much to her. Alison Wonderland stands not only as a model for female DJs, but as a trap artist that manifest emotion with her production and talent. You do not have to squint to see the inspiring factors of Alison Wonderland; it is even easier to see where Rossy has taken root in the positive inspiration Alexandra Sholler lays out as Alison Wonderland. Rossy remixing ‘Peace’ is paying homage to Alison, while also leaving her talent to be received by Alison Wonderland. So what did she bring to Peace?

The original track ‘Peace’ rings out as an anthem for the broken-hearted. It melodically lifts everyone who has felt the hurt of a bleeding heart to know that, no matter the darkness, peace is out there.

Right where the original track leaves us with hope, Rossy’s remix continues the story. By speeding the track up and creating these ambient highlights around the Alison vocals, we feel this momentum. The track introduces these amazing snare hits that are the echoing drums of a marching army. Rossy is taking and igniting the struggle and the push of moving on, past being broken, to find peace. The first drop you feel this profound pushing motion- like treading through waist-high water. There is so much power and strive to move even against the water. Rossy’s remix is the journey from rock bottom. With her epic low end mixed with cascading euphoria, there is so much satisfaction as the song progresses. We feel this evolution and strengthening even with everything pushing back. Every beat of this track is a painful stitch to sew back together a heart ripped apart. It is EPIC, BEAUTIFUL, and REAL. Rossy perfectly created the vibecabulary term stand-alone sequel.

A remix that takes and builds on the emotion of the original track, while also creating a second storyline that does not need the original to be understood.

Rossy paid the biggest respect to Alison Wonderland with this track. She infused her brand with the influence and brand of a role model. A role model who SHOUTED OUT her remix on Instagram!! We are so elated to see another amazing track from Rossy, but even further thrilled to see her get the good word of an idol of hers. So many congratulations to Rossy are constantly in order, and this remix brings a special few.

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