Two WTV fam team-up together on the July 9th release of ‘Shadow’. Flero and Bassani combine forces and serve us a bass house dynasty dumper. The track rumbles the chest and intrigues the ear, with the very cinematic verses. The scene-setting attribute is one that always rings out in Bassani tracks, and on this collab Flero takes up the same authorial composition. Let’s run away from the light, and embrace ‘Shadow’. 

Oriental theatric singing calibrates the ear to be expectant of something strange to emerge. Opening the track with these foreign choral sounds jars the electronic listener’s ear as well as sets the backdrop for the theme that continues throughout the song. Not truly understanding the opening has us looking for something we can cling to. We find that safety, from the obscure, as the song builds bass and distances the melodic crooning. Just before we get the drop we are craving, out of the shadow emerges the rooted Asian voice. The intensity and depth of the vocal sample is then blown up by the amazing mechanical percussion line that skips and slides on the earlier bass line. The rhythm is dark and low but provides an undeniable groove. The groove then moves us into this dungeon of the unknown. Our second “verse” is carried out by the pressuring male voice that introduced our first drop. Knowing that he brought the first deep drop, with just a couple words, we are happily doomed to expect even more out of a whole monologue from him. As the last words of his dialogue fade, we begin experiencing the second build that is a blur of all the sounds the song has laid out. Bassani and Flero bring the big payout with the second drop. It brings the same energy and darkness as the first while amplifying some unique sounds you may have missed the first time around. There is a higher-end strike sound that is present in both drops, but the execute this amazing crescendo and rhythm build with it that takes the song out. Any good story leaves no loose ends; ‘Shadow’ is no exception for the WTV fam duo, as they make sure to permeate every aspect through the whole entirety of the track. 

‘Shadow’ is a trick into bathing in darkness. Dawning the track with the eerie yet beautiful opera only to draw us away from the light makes ‘Shadow’ a realization of shady sirening. By WTV definition this is:

Coercing a listener to wander into the dungeon of dark music, by leading them with the gentle and beautiful

Flero and Bassani bring energy, groove, and rhythm to the darkness. ‘Shadow’ is a phenomenal mash-up of talent, which entices us to be a moth’s inverse: leave the light, fly to the shadow

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