Releasing on a Nashville House Syndicate multi-artist EP, Body Copy bakes a treat for every house hound. ‘Hold On’, on the Small Talk EP, is a mouth-watering groove train. The song is a constantly evolving flavor of house heaven. Everyone break out your recipe pads as Body Copy takes us through the tantalizing tastes of his latest track.

Every recipe has a staple. The solid base to carry all the flavor that is to be added. ‘Hold On’ begins with a heavy portion of strong vocal loop and bumping bass-clap rhythm. The already groovy yet basic intro is now ready for ALL of the sweetening and zesting. We first get that echoing tech chime to get our pallets stimulated. With our taste now entangle in top-line, Body Copy throws in a portion of plucking electronic bass strings and a dash of scatting high hat. The saliva is flowing now when we then get a hint of a jazzy underline groove, as the flavor of the first bite fades. Time to take a second bite and build all the flavor back up again. Our second build brings all the sounds back quicker and has us ready to continue searching for those flavors we got a hint of as the first bite faded. Body Copy crafted ‘Hold On’ to saturate our taste buds with that jazzy groove we fancied after one taste. Everything coming together just gets us squirming and bobbing with true house happiness. After two bites, the snack track comes to a close. But don’t forget about the aftertaste! ‘Hold On’ settles our appetite gently and pleasantly. The flavor dissolves into the scrumptious base of bass-clap and vocal loop that introduced all of the flavors, to begin with- taking us back to longing for that first bite again.

Body Copy brought a phenomenal treat to the Small Talk EP. The track rounds out to be a WTV defined Scooby Snack:

A track for all the house hounds that is so delicious and groovy, there isn’t much we would not do fo it. 

Bouncing and sliding are a must with ‘Hold On’. The track is a well-measured recipe sure to gain the liking of many. It is hard to take the track off repeat, but when you do be sure to let the rest of the Small Talk EP enter your ears.

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