Busiest beaver award seems to go to Bassani, as he is constantly developing all of the tunes. He comes in again with another July release, only three days after releasing his and Flero’s ‘Shadow’. ‘Tokyo’ is a sultry escapade that excites energy so effortlessly. The bass house track infuses so much into the six minutes it runs; it is incredible. Bassani marches us through the exotic streets of the Tokyo he has constructed. It is only right that you join in on the tour with us. 

‘Tokyo’ rises on the horizon with crispy high hat and a hypnotizing vocal snip. As we come to the outer limits of ‘Tokyo’ we are introduced to a boomy baseline which ushers us up to the entrance of the track. Escalating synthetic whines drive us into our first full vocal, “You are dearly beloved”. With that, we have been entered into the trippy tour of ‘Tokyo’. Our first drop is a subtle breakdown that grows groove and bleeds into the heart of the song. Vocals continue to carry us upward on this chill come-up. Energy builds and we are steeped in this calming bass hypnosis. Vocals serve as the guiding voice of our inner minds and the bass hits as the measurement of our time inside. The cyclical nature of the rising whines which lead us to further depth makes the song feel like it burrows deep into you. The song populates in the mind and the heart, which emulates the uniting nature of the song within the listener. ‘Tokyo’ seemingly goes to cycle the build-drop mechanic one more time, but then closes with a cymbal strike that brings us back to surface.

Bassani creates a beautiful track with ‘Tokyo’, by introducing energy in the presence of relaxation. Exciting the listener to just be nurse into relaxation. The nourishing nature of this bass track marks it as the vibecabulary term couch cushion cruise:

A song that sparks the rejuvenation of a vacation at sea, while simply sucking you into the comfort of your couch.

There is no doubt that Bassani doesn’t relax much, with all the music he is bringing. However, with ‘Tokyo’ he invites you to get lost in the loosening sauce of his hard work. So just chill in ‘Tokyo’ and wait for his next project- we know it won’t be long.

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