There was a huge development for the gaming community this July. The long-awaited title SICKISH hit shelves July 19th. We do not much condone cheating, but we have the hook-up with a code that will advance you past the initial level. Simply by entering SLAPPINTRAP, you will move right into SICKISH ‘Lvl 2’. A multi-biome speed-run level that can literally playback into itself. It’s almost so dope it should be illegal, but we are here to help you experience it for yourself. Along with bringing you SICKISH ‘Lvl 2’, we are gonna provide the full walk through right here.

Though the SICKISH game isn’t a reality yet, he is without a doubt on his trap game with his latest track. If you haven’t gathered yet, his latest track is entitled ‘Lvl 2’. The track is exactly as advertised above, you just play it through speakers and not on a controller. SICKISH manages to design really beefy trap sounds and production that emulate the greatest of video games. Setting from the spawn-like sound that brings us into the track, to the high energy and intensity of crushing any challenge a game could throw at you. Once we spawn in at the track start, we are past level 1. We have made it into the thick of it, and we are increasing our hype stat. The vocals and pace of the track fully embody that. Looking ahead, we know we’ve got this shit in the bag. So there is only one thing to do, and that is to make light work out of what’s ahead. The first drop hits and we are in it. Zipping through the ground terrain like a heat-seeking missile. You can hear the juking and bodying of foes that stand in our way. SICKISH uses that deep horn line to demonstrate that unwavering push and those sliding cuts assign noise to finessing those enemies. SICKISH then brings us to a power-up sequence of chimes that bring the vocals back in and serve as our checkpoint. ‘Lvl 2’ half one is complete, with ease. 

We have reached a checkpoint which signals drop to is coming in and it is without a doubt going to be harder than the first. So we press pause and boost that hype back up. The vocals build confidence, energy, and make sure we are coming into round two like a bat out of hell. Vocals break again and its showtime. Tumbling percussion lines continue as we skillfully plunge through the course. The snare rips that follow are jabs and stabs cutting through adversaries like butter. Right after which we dive underwater, as SICKISH brings these cold wild fluid rhythms. Each bass hit, that accompanies that rhythm, is a powerful press through the treacherous blue. The kicks that hit in rapid succession to close this section are our rise to the surface back to the challenges dry land continues to hold. With no time to spare, SICKISH produces into the final boss of ‘Lvl 2’. From the ominous brass build, a gruesome challenger manifests in front of us. As the tempo builds, the anticipation of the fight to about to ensue consumes the arcade games screen. The energy is bleeding out of this encounter, and all of it explodes as our forces and our enemies collide with the vocal into hard cuts. SICKISH creates accelerated beat progressions enacted by different sounds and pitches to accompany the meeting of two seemingly unstoppable forces. ‘Lvl 2’ utilizes a revolving bark clip that mimics hit acknowledgment of our experienced fighting ability. As the last tuba like bass rip hits, our greatest challenge falls. SICKISH gives our hero the most important part of any noble ass-whoopin’: the swagger walk-off. Each squishy clips is just a step away from the entirety of ‘Lvl 2’, until we here the same spawn sound that brought us into our favorite level.

The full-circle soundscape is the cherry on top, for this song. If ‘Lvl 2’ is your jam, it gives you the right to just run it back all over again. Weighing the sounds, movement, intensity, and audible story arc, SICKISH inaugurates the vocabulary term button mash melody:

Production, of a track, that creates the nostalgic sweaty feeling of arcade game grinding; no matter how many times its played the listener will always fork over another quarter to play it over- no hesitation

SICKISH really brings something unique to the trap sound with ‘Lvl 2’. Fast-paced rhythm with an awesomely expressive soundboard grabs any listener’s attention. The kid used sound to arrange pixels in our brains that created an adventure worth spawning into again and again. All we have to do is press play. The real question is though… will SICKISH the game remain just one level?

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