On July 25, Achilles and K-LO entered Collaboration Nation and roasted every resident’s eardrums. Even though every citizen has permanent hearing damage, none of them seem to mind. The cause of booming hearing aide sale is none other than ‘Noise’. The absolute slasher, coming from two Nashville natives, welds metal together with crowd crushing dubstep. So let’s crank this because it wouldn’t be so bad if this was the last noise you ever hear.

We tune into a rowdy guitar riff paired with punishing drums to back it up. Feeling the icy cold touch of the metal intro somehow does not come close to signaling us of the danger ahead. Even the fast and furious rise of the build-up does not put enough warning tape in front of the breakdown of this track. It seems only when we reach the riddim rips that we realize what our ears may be up against. By then, however, we have already triggered the dub flood that is about to ensue. Like a spontaneous tsunami, a massive wave of unstoppable force is towering over us and we have no choice but to drown in the noise. Trying to stay afloat in the first drop, we experience extreme struggle due to the shift in current. Achilles and K-LO switch the way the drop hits and add an all-new feel to the drop. Amongst the flood, we are still standing and, according to the crowd cheers, haven’t had enough. The artists bring the metal back as we regain our footing on whatever we can before the second tsunami emerges. The second wave stands just as tall but takes a split second longer to hit, because of that clean sound flush. We are seemingly handling the second drop well, due to its similarity to the first. So we come to the style switch thinking we know what to expect, but we don’t. ‘Noise’ takes the second half of drop two and introduces another style switch. This sound is known in the WTV dictionary as crowd corn:

The phenomenon in music where the entire crowd begins jumping frantically in a crazy whirlwind of limbs and hair; the radiation of sound has heated the floor so much that the listeners begin popping like a Jiffy Pop.

The song ends with the sound of the cheering crowd, which will be unnecessary to play at a concert seeing a dubstep show will erupt with more force than any microphone could capture. We hope that both artists get the opportunity to see these words made true every time they drop ‘Noise’. This collab introduced so many sides of hard-heavy music and did so quite seamlessly. It may not have been predictable, but what tsunami is? Only one thing is assured: wherever it hits will flood with ‘Noise’.

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