Don’t call it a comeback, but trap is busting back in. WTV fam member, Lucy Jane, joins the trap parade back as a marches back into town. Her July 30th release of White Room not only provides us with a Lucy Jane trap hymn but also marks her debut track on Spotify! With that being said, the time to enter the ‘White Room’ is upon us.

The lights come up as the vibration of a full-bodied string bass slides into existence. Stack crisp vocals and profound percussive rolls that are paced out, and the goosebumps begin to rise. Hair begins to stand as more strings are bowed filling all of the space of this white room. Amongst the lift the music creates, acidic stings pluck cut through the smooth rise. The contrast between the very orchestral build to the string plucks distracts the ear. Lucy Jane opens building an orchestra and choir within the first forty-five seconds, yet she introduces these peppery strings. Our ear is inclined to be curious and as we really start to follow that curiosity; she sounds the sirens. The forbearing of any trap drop is a well-executed siren. So when ‘White Room’ jars the aria of the intro, it is to no bewilderment that Lucy Jane delivers a wonky build-up to a kinky drop. The first drop explodes into this cathodic drop. The harsh synth pulls pitted against the deep bass and signature “woofs” give that trap tingling we love. This breakdown is burrowed in our mind through the unique woodpecker-esque percussive pecking. That unique sound then mutates higher into cymbal hits that bring in the vocal back to the focus. You hear this repetition of falling piping blips that reel the energy back, in order to be built again for the second drop. The original build style is then reused to aware the listener drop two is at the front door. Lucy Jane opens the door and lets the second drop in. She brings a new dynamic rippling line to the forefront adding this snappy bounce to distinguish the second drop. Similar to the woodpecker percussion before, the ripple drops the vocals back into the limelight. “Something about you” fills the cavities of our body as it rises with the string line once more. The vocalist’s semitone rise on her last lyric followed by the bottommost tone of the song leaves the listener with the same chills that emerged in the song’s intro.

Lucy Jane’s production of ‘White Room’ sandwiches a trap excursion in between epic orchestral chills. Such a unique ability defines the song as the vibecabulary term chill hero:

An artist creates a song that demonstrates a strong understanding of musical intelligence, by creating and recreating tonal segments at the beginning and tail end of a song that induces the same chilling effect, on the listener. Music induced chills serve as the bread of the hero, and the drops are the fixings… so hero as in sandwich not savior. (Let’s be honest though, chill hero makers are saviors of the soul.)

Lucy Jane contributes a big track to any fan of trap. She uses dynamic sound and theoretical creation to put her spin on the reemerging genre. So excited to see what she cooks up next, and hopefully they keep ending up on Spotify.

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