Nostalgix brings us all the house happenings with her tracks. July 12th marked the release of a house collaboration between her and Malikai Motion. The track is called ‘Pourin’ Shots’ and it is a cocktail of jouncing beats that closes with a twist of wonk. The track is bustling with a lot of different sounds, tempos, and rhythms, which synthesize so well into a party track. So let’s pour this one up.

From the top, Nostalgix and Malikai Motion begin to create the sounds of going out. The whole song pouring shots is this wild representation of heading out on the town to drown any worry away with booze and music. The intro comes in with nice steady energy, and this calling purr. You can feel the excitement building, the gentle sirens warn you of the environment you are about to enter. Just as you enter the club, its shot time. The song builds to the ‘pourin’ shots’ vocal and moves into the energetic drop that has all these electric noises. The song seems to have cries of many different club animals. It all begins to blur together and make this beautiful rhythm, that then breaks down at the end of the track. All the shots start to hit, and the jungle that is the club starts to hit a little different. The break down flips the momentum to a lava lamp float, and then brings it back the speed and keeps pourin’s shots. 

The collaboration creates a sound that becomes cohesive, while introducing a lot of different sounds (both sound clips and rhythmic sounds). ‘Pourin’ Shots’ is a house track fit for what we at WTV like to call the “Georges of the House”:

A wild creature (normally human) that is familiar with the treacherous terrain of the club, and is able to maneuver and remain stable at any point among it. Whether it be 2pm at a house party, or 6 am at after hours, any establishment bumping house is their cup of tea. The term relates back to George of the Jungle, who was known for his abilities in the jungle.

This collaboration really rang out as a unique one for us. It brought us a very solid house track, with that signature twist at the end. In regard to Nostalgix, we really felt that we could hear the difference created by working with Malikai Motion. Let’s take a tab from this solid collab tonight and get pourin’- bottoms up.

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