Long-time friend and WTV fam member, Christian Bistany, brings one of the many tracks he has been grinding away at in his beat dungeon. His and Ky William’s collaboration track, ‘Acid Warriors’ dropped on the Exit 32 Recordings’ album, Takeoff, Vol.04. The two bring a lengthy exploration of tech house to the album- clocking in at six minutes. There is no shortage of thick rhythm or sly groove-age on Takeoff, Vol.04; and we have ‘Acid Warriors’ to largely thank for that.

The song comes in with a developed midline that accents with this whimsical little woodblock sequence. Ambient shaded vocals echo adding another early variance before we really move into the meat of the track. There is this hiccuping rhythm that builds us into this snappy burst, which drops us back into our rhythmic roots, which grew from the intro. This constant discovery of new sounds continues through the entire song. As we continue to listen there are tangents built on different aspects, that take us off and down allies of the house trip the artists have created. We hear low synthetic strings become presents, as well as these babbling and bubbling techy blip waves. Each build-up brings us back to the staple intro line but, because of the integration of so many enlightening flashes of returning sound introduction, it sounds more and more groovy and energetic. The song really emulates this good trip vibe, because the vessel that is guiding the song is the same- even though what we are hearing on the forefront is different. The song strikes us as emulating a WTV defined cardiovascular flow:

Like the system that brings blood to the body, a song that has cardiovascular flow takes us to many different places, but always runs from and back to the same beating heart

Christian Bistany and Ky William come together to create a very unwrinkled listen. The energy is not all-over, it is very confined and well-managed. Their collaborations efforts stay within the confines of their initial foreshadowing  and, within those bounds, are able to create so many intricacies for the listener. The track without a doubt emulates the title, by creating that limitless sound within the confines of a certain energy. ‘Acid Warriors’ is a creamy listen that fits so well into Takeoff, Vol.04. A great demonstration of Christians Bistany’s ability to synthesize his own talents with others in his genre.

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