Rossy comes to the table this month with a very toned down style of her music, which really goes to melt the heart. With the release of ‘it is you’ we are seeing a very vulnerable side of Rossy’s production. The song expresses so much emotion, like any Rossy track, but the emotion is on the forefront. The usually boisterous and energetic trap barricades are not built around the sensitive nature of ‘this is you’. 

Trance-like vocals bring the ‘this is you’ to fruition. There is a very gentle nature to the tuned monologue. The message becomes the center of attention  because the production just sets a very clean backdrop. Rossy allows the sound and meaning of the vocal establish the emotion of the track, before any intricate builds or melodies. Her drop does introduce production beyond vocals, but still embodies this very weighted expression. There is this sense of heavy floating, which is a WTV phenomenon when:

A track introduces a line of music that is lifting and empowering, but harbors this lower line that seems to hinder the lift- like an elephant in an air balloon it still get higher than it has ever been, but can’t go as high as the air balloon normally could.

The song is so inspiring, because it really is full-exposure when it comes to Rossy. Not only is she crafting emotional music, not only is she framing emotional lyrics/vocals, but she IS in fact those vocals. Rossy creates a strong trap-ballad for herself, and really infuses so much of Rossy into it. A very chill listen, that brings a raw Rossy to our ears.

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