Haus of Panda is constantly evolving the craft of Speed House, and we are always here for it. This music holds such pungent energy that literally could turn a sloth into a marathon runner. Each track is so kinetic while incorporating such diversity. ‘Lose Control’ adds perfectly to Haus of Panda’s portfolio. With Fahjah on the track, Haus of Panda takes control of our minds and shits us all the way into 300th gear.

Like every Speed House track we encounter, there is no hesitation to bring the motion to the head of the track. A beautiful and elastic intro line continuously bumps the energy up as we hear our guiding lyrics. We literally feel the bass on the floor making us lose control. The amazing fast procurement of percussion lines that rattle the eardrums with a wonderful buzz brings the heart rate all the way up. Every sound in ‘Lose Control’ feels like a windmill in a tornado. They cycle around so quickly, it becomes impossible to see each singular piece. It is magnificent. After the first drop, there is this swell of the energy from the first drop. This sound inflation breaks into this rowdy rubbery melody, that still brings the speed yet bring it with a different sound. The middle-chunk that brings diversity to the tracks sound also provides the diving board for the second build to launch off. The second build brings the track full-circle energetically and melodically. The track rounds off with this amazing riff-out. Made famous by the Flash, but repurposed by the WTV Dictionary, ‘Lose Control’ brings the ‘speed force’:

When a song moves so lightningly-fast, that it breaks you into a realm different from where we started. Relating to when the Flash moves so quickly, that he breaks into the Speed Force which defies space and time- yeah we are geeks.

The song manages to smoosh an amazing breakdown in between some hot drops. Speed House continues to grow the brand and emotion encapsulated by his genre. We are unbelievably amped to continually see the tracks Haus of Panda is piling up.

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