Most of us, we would assume, have seen some adaptation of teleportation gone wrong. One on our mind right now, however, is André Delembre’s horrific experimentation with molecular teleportation. Popularized by the 1958 sci-fi horror flick, The Fly. To make a short story long, SPOILER, the scientist goes to teleport when a fly enters his machine. This uncalculated occurrence produces a fly monster and a man fly. The rest of the movie is wild, but the unpredictable nature of technological advancement is what we are interested in. Because KAINEO, musically, has melded the atoms of electronic sound to create an unheard of track. ‘Chvsm’ brings to light true experimental music and creates a sound that beckons to be listened to. The track is a man with a fly-head and arm entering the world. It is jarring, unbelievable, but you cannot take your eyes off of it. There are so many questions and curiosities; curiosities and questions which have answers found through gluing our eyes to the new and strange. Abandoning eyes for ears and the fly-man hybrid for ‘Chvsm’, we are going to guide this study.

The sounds of creation open the track. Both churning liquid, that inspires the image of a beaker filled laboratory, and metal strikes, which paint the dark heat of a forge, bring sounds of creation to the intro. From there, a strange vocal loop emerges. The loop introduces another layer that doesn’t feel out of place but didn’t seem to be the next step for our minds. It highlights KAINEO’s understanding of complementary sound while staging his capricious production nature. Building out of the vocals, we drop into this deep rhythmic convulsion of the bass line. On top of the bass line, while it exists, the song brings hypnotic percussive riffs and ominous sound clips. The bass line comes in and out, like many aspects of the song. Yet there is always structure at every moment. ‘Chvsm’ is an exploration of disorganization, in the way that it connects every sound to one another with no real discoverable understanding. This sort of production is so unique and defined in the WTV Dictionary as, an annual cleaning:

The term stems from the hypothetical process of only cleaning your room once a year- everything that you love would be strewn through your room. There would be no specific order to things or ways to really know what you uncover. So you just begin to clean and as you pick one thing up you love, under it lie another, and then another. This sequence of cleaning and finding what you love is linked to the last item you picked up- just as this tangible example annual cleaning refers to tracks that have no rigid method, other than simply connecting you to what you love by previously uncovering something else. It feels like every sound is a stroke of luck.

‘Chvsm’ brings the vibe that abstract art brought to visual art, to electronic music. KAINEO has created a track that provides an experience that really is in the ear of the beholder. You listen and track a different path of sound each time. You listen to the same sounds and continue to ask questions. The track moves us to true intrigue. This pattern, of the seemingly unpatterned, is what will continue to bring people to tracks of this sort, especially from KAINEO. 

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