We have the honor of bringing you the story of four individuals, on the brink of us becoming a huge part of theirs. This evening the ‘Russian Style’ North American Tour debuts in Columbus, Ohio. The tour brings four artists, that compose two huge Russian duos: Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC. This post is the culmination of so many firsts, and we get to make you all a part of that. Other than the first show on the tour, this is both duo’s first time in Columbus, this is our first time meeting them, and it will be our (and could be your) first time seeing these artists in action. We are excited to bring you a little bit about them and their tour, to get you all excited for this mile marker of a show. 

The young Russian duos have gone to really define super strong brands for themselves that have gone on to really developed their own personalities. For the VOLAC duo, everything has been in the making since childhood. Being long-time friends that developed parallel interests in the electronic genres, really gave them solid footing to try their hand at it. Working together for so long has sewn so many memories into their music and even into their name! VOLAC actually comes from a simple misspelling that happened when saving “vocal” on one of their tracks. Crazy to think that this Caps Locked mistake has now hit some of the world’s biggest festivals. Their story speaks so much to how they are inspired. From their name to their tracks and sets, they find their muse in the moments and music of their life. Whether it be the happy highs of touring or the time home with friends just being human, they attribute VOLAC as being the product of their lives. 

Where VOLAC grew with one another, the Phlegmatic Dogs, rather, grew into each other. Fifteen years ago, in their separate lives, they started crafting tracks on their first computers. Their production, talent, and location lead to the duo’s formation, in 2010. Ever since they have been dedicated to improving their craft and defining their brand. A brand that is given flare by the cold-blooded term, “phlegmatic”, but rooted in their doggish nature. These men are driven, loyal, and beasts of nature. When it comes to creating they don’t see a need to force it- its instinct it just happens. They literally posed the question, “We don’t look for inspiration to like good weather or to love [your] mom, right?”. Linking the idea that creating is in their nature, and it is not some model or plan. So they will keep on doing it because its what they love- there is no end goal. Beyond the instinct, loyalty also defines the Dogs. They find their largest sadnesses and setbacks in disappointing fans if they ever have to cancel a show, for their well-being. They give their hear to every show, because “You never know which party will become the best in your life”. And they both give loyalty to one another, seeing both Demien and Frenkie have side projects beyond Phlegmatic Dogs: Demien has a business and Frenkie a DnB project! Their dedication to their instinct and loyalties have brought them to the forefront of the Russian electronic scene.

Knowing the two Russian duos, only excites us for their teaming up. This tour started with the seemingly written-in-the-stars team-up on ‘Russian Style Compilation [РАШН СТАИЛ]’. The four-song EP, on AC Slaters Night Bass, really got the ball in motion for this tour. Not only did it get the duos working together, but it served as a definition of the Russian style of bass house. Both duos commented on their collaboration being somewhat obvious; they are both successful Russian artists, on the Night Bass label, and making the same genre of music. 

The name of the collaboration and Columbus-debuting tour stems from the Russian style parties that date back to 2018. The parties combined artists from around the globe, house and bass music, and of course Russian flair. For the duos, this tour looks to bring the amazing and unique energy of those parties to the rest of the world. Both the duos are bringing a lot to the table in order to make that happen. Their preparation has been lengthy and is going to feature so very much. From VOLAC, we should expect groovy and bassy track- many that we haven’t hear before. While Phlegmatic Dogs teased their original sound melded with seasoned production of classic hip-hop, Drum and Bass, UK Garage, and b-boy, as well as some exclusive merch. Both duos integrate these amazing styles by incorporating a whole spectrum of music, and of course the ‘Russian Style’ music pack.

This tour is going to be a mile marker for not only the duos to look back on but every city that it tears through as well. We are honored to be here bringing you their story, to be hyping a tour for such amazing duos, and most importantly ready to kick this tour off with all of Columbus. If you can get to Dhalia tonight be there- tickets here. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and we should all give a warm welcome to these four as they embark on their journey. Plus they only get one first show in Columbus, so why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this? See you tonight!

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