Losing friends and loved ones is a part of most of our stories. Thinking of no longer writing certain people into our story strikes us with sorrow and yearning, for the past. Many of our Nashville WTV family members are now sorting through these emotions. The loss of two friends of our family, Austin Tice and Matt Franklin, befell us this month. As the families and friends feel that loss, one friend looks to bring some comfort with his talent. SICKISH produced the track ‘1’ as a tribute to the two young men who passed. This song and this post look to bring to light the healing nature of music, to anyone going through loss- especially the friends and families of Austin and Matt.

SICKISH, in the wake of affliction, aims to create peacefulness. The sounds of the crickets and frogs illustrate a stary backdrop. You can feel the cool breeze of the night, and the unstirred air around you. As the production comes in, everything emerges smoothly. All of the sounds swoop upward into the ear. The synthetic sounds, that SICKISH is using, create clean and soft melodic movement. Each sound emerges from a muffled backdrop. There is a sense of weight due to that effect, and then a sense of saturation when a sound breaks the barrier. The recurring sounds to “breakthrough” are the top line synths. Those lines are what paint the real emotion in the song. Separately, every top-line sound takes its own time in our minds. Each drop using the same initial synth, while introducing another of its own. Knowing the song is a tribute or not, you really feel the emerging of different emotions/melodies. SICKISH, by dampening and exposing different sounds, takes the listener through a peaceful track that inspires energy and movement, while contrasting with a foggy overtone.

From listening, you can tell SICKISH knows there is darkness and he may be in it. But he also knows the night is never truly dark. The moon, stars, and lights we manifest, peel away at the darkness. He creates the hope and memory of those lights, with ‘1’. ‘1’ is a guide through loss for the broken-hearted. Loss does feel dark. Loss does muffle the world around you; it does disconnect you. But there is always something light to hold on. That light is what keeps the melody alive, what moves the track along, what guides us through the night. 

For those of you reading and listening who are struggling, use those beautiful guiding top synth lines to inspire that guiding light. When SICKISH shows us the light, we just need to link it with what lights our light. Whether it be the best memories of who you lost, whether it be your passion to make them proud, whether it be your wish to embody the best parts of them, you link that light and you chase it. Play it again and again. SICKISH brings the melody of light back in the song, amongst his loss. It is our responsibility to do the same in our own lives, for the ones we have lost. Even in passing, those we love can always be our light. Thank you SICKISH for sharing ‘1’. Finally, to anyone feeling the loss of Austin, Matt, or whoever else, know our hearts reach out to you. One day at a time, the melody and light will keep coming back in. 

“Rest in Power”

Until next time.


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